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The Bottom Line: The newsletter of the National Diaper Bank Network

DECEMBER 18, 2012

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New at the National Diaper Bank Network

Like every non-profit, we’re as strong as our supporters. So we’re beginning an occasional series of profiles introducing people who’ve given generously to NDBN. Today, meet Ann Maney.

For 19 years, Ann Maney put nursing to the side as she concentrated on raising her two daughters. But as the girls got older, she began volunteering at hospice. Once both children left the nest, Ann was not sure if she wanted to return to nursing. Then she heard of a little girl with special needs who lived in her Brookfield, Wisconsin neighborhood.  She provides the girl with one-on-one care. “What I really love about it is the thing that drove me to nursing years ago, taking care of people,” says Ann.

7th grade of Newtown Friends SchoolWhen Ann saw a news story about diaper need, she was shocked to learn that some babies spent the whole day in a wet diaper. “I changed our daughters’ diapers regularly and they still had diaper rashes,” she says. “That’s what just broke my heart.” She immediately set out to see how she could help and began supporting NDBN.

What makes you passionate about diaper need? Let NDBN know, and maybe we’ll be able to share your story.

7th grade of Newtown Friends School

The 7th grade of Newtown Friends School came out to help when The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank received a shipment of Huggies.

How The Stars Aligned
for a Diaper Bank Founder

Pat Kennedy remembers the first time she learned about diaper need. “Like everybody, I thought: My God! Who knew?” Pat was introduced to the subject by a Time magazine article about NDBN Executive Director Joanne Goldblum and her work starting a diaper bank in Connecticut. Pat, then a kindergarten teacher, clipped the article and tucked it in her lesson planner.

“I absolutely loved teaching,” remembers Pat. But three events led her out of the classroom. Her daughter was pregnant and wanted Pat to stay with her family when the baby arrived – an impossibility for a full-time teacher. Pat and her husband were talking about wanting the flexibility to spend more time together. Next, an aunt passed away and left Pat an unexpected inheritance.  » continued below

A gift is a statement about what you think the recipient values. We buy workout gear for the sister who’s committed to taking care of her body. An e-reader for the friend who loves literature. Are there people on your list who care deeply about ensuring every child has a fair start in life? If so, a donation to the National Diaper Bank Network in their honor is a perfect gift.

It seemed like the timing was right to create The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank.

“It’s been a huge learning curve for me,” said Pat. In less than two years, the diaper bank is already supplying diapers to 26 partner organizations in several counties.  The free time Pat was after eludes her. “That’s the big irony of it all,” she says with a chuckle. She’s helped by family, friends, her book club, as well as businesses, churches, schools and other groups.

Did you know?

People who grew up in poverty suffer from hypertension and arthritis at twice the rate of their more fortunate peers.

Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Since joining NDBN, Pat learned how to gather demographic information from her partner organizations. She’s able to use this data in grant applications. The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank recently got selected for Philly Give Camp, an opportunity to get IT technical assistance. Facebook users voted for the diaper bank to be a recipient in Walmart’s 12 Days of Giving. Pat and fellow volunteers continue to look for more support. “We’re serving a huge geographical area,” says Pat. “I’m learning more about the need out there every day.”

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