Dementia Further Linked to Hearing Loss


Older adults with hearing loss are significantly more likely to experience the early onset of memory and thinking problems than those without hearing loss, according to a new study published last month in JAMA Internal Medicine.

The study followed 1,984 adults in their 70s and 80s for six years and compared the cognitive test results of subjects with mild hearing loss to those with normal hearing. As a result, researchers found that cognitive problems developed 30% to 40% faster in the subjects with hearing loss. 

What accounts for the apparent association of cognitive decline and hearing loss remains unclear, but according to the author of the study, Frank Lin of Johns Hopkins University, social isolation that accompanies hearing loss is one possible explanation. “It could also be that if you’re constantly having to expend more energy decoding what you hear, then it comes at a cost,” Lin said in an interview about the study with USA Today, explaining the cognitive burden of constantly struggling to hear.

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