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Bay State Battalion Summer Newsletter 2013
Friends, Family, and Alumni of the Bay State Battalion - welcome to our first-ever summer newsletter! Due to numerous BSB Cadets attending Summer Training, as well as the tremendous success from the MSIVs at the Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC), we have decided to present their experiences as personally written articles and photographs. Please enjoy and share their stories!

Commander's Corner

milsci-stefano-formal 4Summer time, a time to relax and create memories, right? Well, if you're an Army ROTC Cadet, it was a great time to broaden your leadership skills. Cadet Command offers numerous learning opportunities and professional development to those Cadets that have committed to a career as Army Officers. You will read about many of these amazing experiences, directly from those that had the good sense to apply and the great fortune of having been selected for each opportunity highlighted in this newsletter... Read More

Featured Articles
(see descriptions in ascending order below or click on a name for the full article)
Klose, Alexander - CULP Africa


Dunn, Matthew - CULP Montenegro
Warren, Brandon - Airborne School

Cardoso, Marlisa - Army Medical Department Internship Program
Hicks, Dylan - Infantry CTLT
O'Brien, Paul - Engineer Internship Program
Gallagher, Andrew - Engineer Internship Program
Chadwick, Michael - Aviation CTLT
Finn, Dylan - Forensic Internship Program
DiPinto, Matthew - Field Artillery CTLT
Lavenski, Seth - Rapid Equipping Force Internship Program

Alumni - New!
2LT Slack, Brandon - Officer in Charge at Warrior Forge
2LT Warner, Brandy - Air Assault School

Summer Training Descriptions
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CDT Klose - CULP Africa

kloseThis summer I, Cadet Alexander Klose a sophomore from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, had an eye opening experience many never get to live in a lifetime. I participated in the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps CULP (Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency) program, sending me all the way to Malawi Africa for training, teaching, and cultural interaction. Original applying to the program I had not specified anywhere I wanted to go… so long as it was out of the U.S. When I got the news I was going to Africa, I started to prepare for the trip of a life time... Read More

CDT Dunn - CULP Montenegro

P8272454My name is Cadet Matthew Dunn, and I am an MSIII with the BSB and a junior at the College of the Holy Cross. I am studying Political Science at Holy Cross, and am originally from North Andover, MA. This past summer I participated in the Cultural Understanding and Language Program offered through Cadet Command, and had the privilege to travel with three officers and 21 other cadets to the beautiful country of Montenegro.  There we split into two teams, with one team training with a mountain infantry platoon of the Montenegrin Army, and my team working with the Special Forces Company of the Montenegrin Army... Read More

CDT Warren - Airborne School

BrandonAfterFirstJump - SepiaJumping out of airplanes has always been on my bucket list but never did I think it would be quite like my experiences at Airborne School. Instead of jumping out of an aircraft at a comfortable yet intimidating height of 12,500 feet while tied to a specialist who assists during the entire decent, Airborne students jump using a mass exit technique at a comparably low altitude of just 1,250 feet above ground level. Using this strategy allows for efficient, rapid, and inconspicuous insertion, delivering scores of combat equipped soldiers to the drop zone. In this school each student must successfully jump from an aircraft in flight a total of five times in order to receive the coveted “jump wings” and the title of Paratrooper... Read More

CDT Cardoso - Army Medical Department Internship Program

P8272468Following my LDAC experience this summer I had an amazing opportunity to take part in the Army Medical Department Internship Program (AMEDDIP). Cadets who desire to pursue a career in the Army Medical Department are strongly encouraged to apply for this internship program. Since I am interested in becoming an Army Physician’s Assistant, I did just that. The AMEDDIP has several locations in the U.S. and abroad including Hawaii, Texas, Maryland, Washington, and Germany. I was selected to go to Madigan Medical Center at Fort Lewis, Washington. I knew that I would have the opportunity to shadow doctors and medical students, but beyond that I didn’t quite know what to expect... Read More

CDT Hicks - Infantry CTLT

P8272462This summer I had the chance to travel down to Fort Benning, Georgia and participate in a Cadet Troop Leading Training (CTLT) with Alpha Company 1/29 Infantry. 1/29 conducts experimentation of emerging technologies; this provides Soldier assessment and feedback of considered systems/capabilities for acquisition or fielding to the force. This unit is known as an Experimental Force -  also known as (EXFOR). his unit trains like a line Infantry unit but is non-deployable. The soldiers in the unit are mostly experienced veterans and are hand selected by the Commander to participate in this elite force... Read More

CDT O'Brien - Engineer Internship Program

P8272465My name is Cadet Paul O’Brien. I am a Mechanical Engineering senior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute,  and I am currently serving as one of the Cadet TAC Officers for the Bay State Battalion. This summer I had the unique opportunity to travel to South Korea after graduating from the Leadership Development and Assessment Course. I spent 30 days working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on their largest undertaking to date. Currently, the Corps of Engineers is working in South Korea to give Seoul and Yongsan back to the Republic of Korea (ROK)... Read More

CDT Gallagher - Engineer Internship Program

P8272463 2In addition to attending the Leadership Development Assessment Course at Joint Base Lewis-McChord for a month this summer, I also had the opportunity to travel to Schofield Barracks in Hawaii as part of the Army’s Engineering Internship Program (EIP). The EIP is a unique opportunity for Cadets with an Engineering degree to see what Engineering looks like in the Army and the real world. A competitive program that requires applications with transcripts and letters of recommendation, the EIP is a highly rewarding internship that provides exposure to key aspects of military engineering... Read More

CDT Chadwick - LDAC / Aviation CTLT

P8272467After graduation from LDAC, I hopped on a plane that took me to Ansbach, Germany. From there, I traveled to a small aviation post in Illesheim where I spent the next 4 weeks.  I learned a great deal throughout those four weeks about the ‘big’ army, and how to work with enlisted soldiers and NCOs.  I was initially assigned to Alpha CO in 2-159, 12th CAB. I was paired with a 1LT who flew Apache helicopters for a living. Learning about the function and abilities of the Apache system over the first few days was one of the most interesting things I have ever done... Read More

CDT Finn - Forensic Internship Program

P8272460The Army ROTC Forensic Science internship in Largo, Florida, is one of the best experiences and training I’ve attended, and recommend it to anyone in the Criminal Justice/ Bio- chemistry field. The training consisted of two weeks of intensive forensic training taught by the National Forensic Science Technology Center. The curriculum was taught by prior service government contractors, scientists and police officers. Every aspect imaginable about forensic science was taught; from dusting for fingerprints, to using Gas chromatography mass spectrometry to figuring out various specimens found on the crime scene (drugs, explosives, etc.)... Read More

CDT DiPinto - LDAC / Field Artillery CTLT

P8272461My name is Cadet Matthew DiPinto; I am a student at WPI and a member of the Senior MSIV class. Over the summer I attended both the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) in Ft. Lewis, WA and Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT) in Ft. Bliss, TX. My LDAC experience was very rewarding as I was placed with a great platoon and awesome Cadre. In addition, my training at CTLT could not have been better timed. First, my summer training started on the Fourth of July, with a flight to LDAC as a member of the 12th Regiment... Read More

CDT Lavenski - Rapid Equipping Force Internship Program

P8272446After LDAC, I attended an internship with the Rapid Equipping Force or REF. The REF is part of the acquisitions core of the US Army. They specialize in the rapid acquisition of mission essential equipment to aid soldiers in theater. Usually the army acquisition process can take anywhere from three to six year to test, produce and distribute new equipment. The REF quickens the process down to one six months to one year. This allows units to get the solution to their problems before they leave theater. Over the course of three weeks I got to precipitate in making forward operating base run on green solar energy... Read More

Alumni Updates - NEW!

A special thanks to the alumni contributions for this newsletter edition. If you are an alumnus of the Bay State Battalion and would like to submit an article, please email for details. All commissioned class graduate submissions are welcome.

2LT Slack - Officer in Charge at Warrior Forge

slackThe Army’s Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC) at Fort Lewis, Washington, is undoubtedly the most significant training event a Cadet will experience during their time spent in ROTC. As such, a tremendous amount of time and effort is spent planning, resourcing, and executing LDAC annually. My name is Brandon Slack, a recent graduate of Worcester State University and an Infantry 2LT commissioned through WPI’s Army ROTC program. During this past summer I was a Cadre member at LDAC; specifically as the Officer in Charge (OIC) for one of twenty patrol lanes that Cadets executed missions on... Read More

2LT Warner - Air Assault School 

warnerHello Bay State Battalion, it seems like just yesterday I was starting my adventure as a freshman at WPI and Army ROTC - I hope the new school year is treating you all well! This past summer I was selected by my unit, 3-126th Aviation Unit C CO, to participate in Air Assault School. I jumped at the opportunity and began to train for the rigorous course right away. It was held at Camp Edwards, in Buzzards Bay MA, with instructors from the Warrior Training Center in Fort Benning, Georgia. I knew this was going to be challenging, however I felt as if I had trained enough and was comfortable with the level of fitness I was at to get me through the course... Read More

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