April 2013
Casing/tubing leaks in The North Sea
After successfully  fixed a casing leak for a major operator in the North Sea in 2009, and still holding,  the customer is now considering new operations. This together with already ordered operations in July, it looks like it will be a busy summer. 
Increased Sub Sea Activity
Over the past 2 months Namtvedt  Sealmaker  as brought several sub sea wells back on to production after successful sealing operations.  Please take contact for more details !!!

Photo courtesy of FMC Technologies

Meet us on the 10. of April at SPE
One Day seminar
Namtvedt  Wrapping is going sub sea! Splash Zone solution
As the Distributor of Citadel Technologies products we are proud to introduce a new product enabling us to do wrapping repair on sub sea structure. Wrapping Sub Sea we see as a niche operation. But the most interesting market will be the corroded pipes in the splash-zones. Being able to work in a 100% wet environment with a permanent solution of STOPPING Corrosion is  a possible winner
Rust & Råte Article
Read interview with Peter B. Namtvedt here.
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