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Greetings Fish Folk!
     Just in time for the Labor Day weekend we have wild caught, Lake Erie yellow perch (yes, it's the real thing)! Yesterday afternoon we lightly breaded and fried a handful for lunch and they were excellent. In fact, I'm pretty sure that is what dinner will be tonight, but I need to dig through my copy of 100 Freshwater Fish Recipes to find another way to prepare besides frying. Anyone out there have a great perch recipe they'd like to share?
    Don't forget the Winter Whitefish Sale is in full swing right now. You can place your order to fill your freezer by calling the store 231-755-7402 or emailing us at This year we are trying to fill orders as they come in. If you need your order filled later in the fall just let us know when you place your order.

This Week's Market
Times & Locations

Preordering is always encouraged and accepted. Preorders can be placed by calling 231-755-1600 or emailing us at

Fresh Fish
Our fresh fish is wild caught and purchased direct from the fisherman whenever possible. We strongly believe direct sales creates a more stable income for the fisherman and a fresher, higher quality product for you. Our fresh fish is never frozen, thawed and presented as fresh. If we have frozen fish, we will sell it to you as frozen fish. 

Ground Whitefish (frozen) ..... $5.99/lb
Great Lakes Whitefish (fillets) ..... $8.99/lb
Lake Erie Yellow Perch (fresh & frozen) ..... $14.99/lb
     11 lb Box Yellow Perch (frozen IQF) .... $150.00/lb
AK Sockeye Salmon (frozen) ..... $15.99/lb

Smoked Fish
Our smoked fish is brined with saltwater and smoked in a 100% wood fired smokehouse. No sugar. No gluten. No additives.
Just fish, salt and woodsmoke goodness.

This week only Lake Michigan Dip and Whitefish Crumbles will be available at the Muskegon Farmers Market.

Lake Michigan Dip .... $6.00/ct.

Smoked Whitefish Traditional style .....$11.99/lb
Smoked Whitefish Crumbles ....$12.99/lb
Smoked Silverbrite Salmon .... $13.99/lb
Smoked Sockeye Salmon .....$16.99/lb
Smoked Trio of Salmon (AK Silverbrite, Sockeye & Coho mixed together for a Alaksan sampler) ..... $16.99/lb

Fish Market
***Under Construction! Sherman Blvd. is one lane, one way west bound traffic from Estes Street to Lincoln Street and we are in the middle of it. You will have access to our driveway and building during this time. Construction is expected to last through November 21.
2127 W. Sherman Blvd.
Norton Shores, MI
Tuesday-Friday Noon- 6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m.- 2p.m.

Muskegon Farmers Market
700 Yuba Street
Muskegon, MI
8a.m.- 1 p.m. or sell out

Lake Erie Yellow Perch

IMG_2177Wild caught, yellow lake perch is one of our most requested fish. However, sourcing yellow perch is a challenge. There are only three places within USA Great Lakes waters that allow for a commercial perch fishery: Saginaw Bay, Green Bay and Ohio. While shopping for yellow perch, I came across Taylor Fish Company from Wheatly, Ontario. A 4th generation, family owned fishery, Taylor is admittedly the "biggest of the little guys", but has an excellent reputation for quality. Now you know me, I'm a stickler for quality and spent a lot of time on the phone with Taylor asking them about their processing operation and how they handle their fish. While I'm sure I'll cringe when the phone bill comes in, it was time well spent. Our first order arrived Wednesday night and I'm very confident that we'll be keeping yellow perch from our Canadian friends in stock for the remainder of the season.

Winter Whitefish Sale is Here!

Please remember when placing your winter order, do not count on the store being open all winter long to supply your whitefish needs. The Fish Market's winter hours are going to be based on how much fish we can fit into the Market's freezer and how The Wife and newest Little Fish are doing (Little Fish #2 is due in November).

Winter Order Form 2012

The market price of our Winter Whitefish Sale is $8.69/lb and is good till Sept. 25 on minimum orders of 7 pounds. A non-refundable, non-transferable half payment of your order is due at time of order. We will try to fill your order as soon as we receive it and will contact you when your order is ready.


Name: ______________________________________



Packaging Request:  Please pack ________ fillets per package.


Fish All Winter Long

Because 25 weeks is a long time to go without fish….


___Little Fish Package- The Little Fish package will give you twelve fillets that’s enough fish to eat one fillet every other week for 24 weeks……… ≈ $80*


__Wife Package-  The Wife Package will give you 25 fillets--- that’s one fillet a week or two fillets every other week for the winter…………...… ≈ $165*


__Monger Package- This package is for Whitefish enthusiasts only— 50 fillets that will give you two fillets every week through the winter..…… ≈$325*


____Fish Fan Package- Don’t see a package that meets your needs? That’s okay, you can customize your own package. We’ll happily fill any size order, but only orders over 7 lbs. qualify for the bulk sale rate.

Total # Fillets or pounds ___......………$8 .69/lb


*The price listed is an estimate cost. The actual price of each order will be based on total weight.  

Type Title Here

E and AThank you for your business and look forward to seeing you!


Amber Mae, The Wife

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