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October 2015

◘ Ancient Wisdom, Modern World - Drop-In Classes
◘ Purifying the Past - Friday Night Lecture
◘ Mantra, Mala & Mandala - Learn about Buddhist Ritual
◘ Pure Happines Half Day Course w/ Gen Dawa
 Meditation for Families - Special Course in Wamberal
◘ Refuge Retreat and Vows 
- Become a Buddhist
◘ Garage Sale! - Fundraiser for World Peace
◘ Daytime Classes - Around the Coast

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Ancient Wisdom, Modern World - Drop-In Classes
Around the Coast • Oct 5th-29th • 7-8.30pm • $10/8 conc

When our world is stressful and full of conflict it seems impossible to deal with everything, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and powerless. This talk will give simple methods to help shift our view of things to a more practical and positive approach.

By applying this tried and tested advice, we can learn to face life with a calm, happy and peaceful mind. Everybody welcome. 

Monday • Woy Woy • CWA Hall, the Boulivard
Tuesday • Charmhaven • Lakespa Wellness Centre, 1 Callaghan Cl
Wednesday • Wamberal • Khedrubje Centre
Thursday • Wamberal • Khedrubje Centre

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Purifying the Past - Friday Night Lecture 
Khedrubje Centre, Wamberal • Fri Oct 2nd • 7-9pm • $10/8 conc

Buddha taught that the natural state of our mind is clear and peaceful. When this clarity manifests we feel light, our good qualities arise, and our mind is comfortable.

Unfortunately due to previous negative actions our mind carries a heavy burden which causes us so many daily problems and prevents us from meditating effectively. 

Learn how through special methods you can purify the past and make way for a more positive future. By destroying the negative potentials in our mind, we gradually connect with our essential nature – a peaceful mind. This lecture will be taught by Buddhist Monk Kelsang Thubchen. For more info click here


Mantra, Mala & Mandala - Learn about Buddhist Ritual
Khedrubje Centre, Wamberal • Sat Oct 3rd • 1-5pm • $50/40 conc

Join us for an afternoon course on the meaning behind 'Mantras, Malas and Mandalas' in Buddhist ritual. This course will include a mala-making session, where you make your own mala. A mala is a string of beads used to count prayers or mantra recitations. For Buddhist practitioners, malas are very precious and meaningful objects. We will also learn to make Mandalas and afternoon tea is provided. Everybody welcome!

Bookings are essential as this will be a popular event.

all us on 4385 2609 or email us at: info@centralcoastmeditation.org to enquire. For more information and to book please click here. Join the Facebook event here.


Pure Happiness - Half Day Course w/ Gen Dawa
Khedrubje Centre, Wamberal • Sat Oct 17th • 9am-12.30pm • $25/20conc

On this half-day course learn methods for creating happiness. Following these methods we temporarily experience peace of mind, gradually reduce our daily problems and ultimately fulfil all our needs and wishes.

This half day-course will be taught by
Gen Kelsang Dawa, the Resident Teacher of Khedrubje Centre. Morning tea will be provided. For more information and to book click here. Join the Facebook event here.

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Meditation for Families - Special Course in Wamberal
Khedrubje Centre • Sat Oct 17th • 2-5.30pm • $25pp / $40 per family   

Many families have children or parents suffering from stress and anxiety. On this course learn how meditation helps everyone develop a more peaceful and happy mind. By attending this course together both parents and children will learn how they can peacefully deal with the everyday problems life presents.

The afternoon will be divided into 2 sessions with morning tea inbetween. The course will be presented in a way that kids of all ages and parents, can enjoy and relate to. Buddhist meditation teacher Jeni Andrews will take the course. A parent, Jeni teaches with an engaging and insightful manner.

For more information and to book click here. Join the event on Facebook here.

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Refuge Retreat w/ Refuge Vow Ceremony
Retreat: Mon 19th - Fri 23rd Oct • Vow Ceremony: Friday 23rd, 7-9pm

This 5-day, drop-in retreat is an opportunity to become familiar with the practice of going for refuge. By taking refuge in the 3 jewels - seeing Buddha as our spiritual guide, practicing Dharma to experience Buddhist teachings, and seeking the support of Sangha, the spiritual community, we can find inner protection from our problems.

On the Friday evening, Gen Kelsang Dawa will grant Refuge Vows, which is the actual gateway to becoming a Buddhist. You may attend the talk with no obligation to take the vows.

All sessions are by donation, on the Friday night we will serve curry for supper at 6pm, everybody welcome. For more details click here.


Modern Buddhism - Daytime Classes
Throughout the Coast • Oct 5th-28th • $8/6 Conc

By developing and maintaining compassion and wisdom in daily life, we can transform our lives and improve our relationships with others. In this way we can find lasting happiness and accomplish the real meaning of our human life. This course will share practical advice on how to start and maintain this transformation.

Umina • Mondays • Umina Beach Yoga, 305 Trafalgar Av • 11.30am-12.30pm
Wamberal • Tuesdays • Khedrubje Centre, Wamberal • 11am-12pm
The Entrance • Wednesdays • InMind Health, 3/120 The Entrance Rd • 11am-12pm

Garage sale

Garage Sale @ Khedrubje Centre 
165 Willoughby Rd, Wamberal • Oct 31st • 8am-1pm

Join us for our annual Garage Sale to raise funds for the International Temples Project, a fund dedicated to the development of world peace.
Like to Help? You can in 3 ways:

1. By donating good quality, saleable items, ie; clothes, dvds, kids stuff, kitchen equipment etc. You can bring your items to the Centre in Wamberal as late as Saturday morning. Call 4385 2609 or email us at info@centralcoastmeditation.org for more info.

2. By helping to set up on Friday or assisting with the garage sale on the Saturday.

3. By coming along to the event!

Dates for the Diary
Upcoming events 

Big Brunch - Sunday October 25th • Khedubje Centre • 9.30-11.30am
Library Talk - Friday October 30th • Toukley • 1-2.30pm
Library Talk - Tuesday November 3rd • Tuggerah • 1-2.30pm
Reliance upon a Spiritual Guide -
 Friday November 6th • Khedrubje Centre • 7-9pm
Overcoming Anxiety -
 Saturday November 7th • Newcastle • 10am-4pm
Constant Craving -
 Saturday November 21st • Khedrubje Centre • 10am-4pm
Mandala Retreat -
 November 23rd-28th • Khedrubje Centre • by donation
Big Brunch -
 Sunday November 29th • Khedrubje Centre • 9.30-11.30am

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