Learn to Meditate for Families / Overcoming Stress
News and Events for June 2015

Modern Buddhism - Evening Drop-In Classes
◘ Overcoming Stress & Anxiety - Daytime Classes
Learn to Meditate for Families - Special Morning in Wamberal
◘ Overcoming Stress - Afternoon Course In Wamberal
 In-Depth Study Classes @ The Centre
◘ Learn to Meditate @ The Centre
Free Library Talks - Tuggerah & Lake Haven

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Modern Buddhism - Evening Drop-In Classes
Throughout the Coast • June 1st - 25th • $10/8 Conc

By developing and maintaining compassion and wisdom in daily life, we can transform our lives and improve our relationships with others. In this way we can find lasting happiness and accomplish the real meaning of our human life. This course will share practical advice on how to start and maintain this transformation.

Woy Woy • Mondays • CWA Hall, The Boulevard • 7-8.30pm
Charmhaven • Tuesdays • Lakespa Wellness Centre • 7-8.30pm
Bateau Bay • Wednesdays • Bateau Bay Hall • 7-8.30pm
Wamberal • Thursdays • Khedrubje Centre • 7-8.30pm


Overcoming Stress & Anxiety - Daytime Classes
Umina, Wamberal & The Entrance • June 1st - 24th • $8/6 Conc

Hear practical advice on how to overcome stress and anxiety. Learning to recognise, reduce and let go of these painful minds, we can find simple solutions to our daily problems and increase our inner peace. 

Umina • Mondays • Umina Beach Yoga, 305 Trafalgar Av • 11.30am-12.30pm

Wamberal • Tuesdays • Khedrubje Centre, Wamberal • 11am-12pm

The Entrance • Wednesdays • InMind Health, 3/120 The Entrance Rd • 11am-12pm

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Learn to Meditate for Families - Special Morning in Wamberal
Khedrubje Centre • Saturday, June 27th • 9am-12.30pm • $25pp / $40 per family
Many families have children or parents suffering from stress and anxiety. On this course learn how meditation helps you to develop a more peaceful and happy mind.

The morning will be divided into 2 sessions with morning tea inbetween. The course will be presented in a way that kids can enjoy and relate to.

Buddhist meditation teacher Jeni Andrews will take the course. A parent, Jeni teaches with an engaging and insightful manner.

To book click here. Join the event on Facebook here.


Overcoming Stress - Afternoon Course in Wamberal
Khedrubje Centre • Saturday, June 27th • 2-5.30pm • $25/20 conc

Stress and anxiety are increasingly common problems for people in our busy, modern world. These states of mind prevent us from experiencing peace and enjoying life. Meditation is an effective way to combat negative states of mind and create a sense of mental freedom.

The course will be taught by Buddhist meditation teacher Cat Good. Cat has a joyful nature and presents the Buddha's teachings clearly and precisely.

To book click here. Join the event on Facebook here.

In-Depth Study Classes @ The Centre

We offer two informal drop-in classes at the Centre:

Guide for Daily Living • Wednesdays • 7-8.30pm w/ Jeni Andrews
Study the classic Buddhist poem Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life.

Transform Your Life • Sundays • 12-1.30pm
Teachings for positive living - characterised throughout by optimism and clarity.

There is also a more formal class which requires enrolment:

Foundation Program • Sundays • 3-6pm w/ Kelsang Dawa

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Learn to Meditate @ The Centre
Khedrubje Centre, Wamberal • Tuesdays, 7-8.30pm • $10/8 Conc
"The purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful."
Learn fundamental techniques to begin or enhance your meditation practice. By accessing your natural state of inner peace, you can develop the tools you need for a peaceful life. This ongoing class is perfect for beginners and those wishing to deepen their meditation practice alike.

For more information see our website. The classes are taught by Buddhist meditation teacher Cat Good. Cat has a joyful nature and presents the instructions clearly and precisely. Everybody is welcome.

Free Library Talks - Tuggerah & Lake Haven
This month we are offering two free talks at Tuggerah and Lake Haven Libraries. Everyone is welcome.

Tuggerah Library • Tues June 16th • 1-2.30pm
'Overcoming Anxiety'
Booking: Please call the Library on 4350 1560. Join the Facebook event.

Lake Haven Library • Tues June 23rd • 10.30-12pm
'Choose Happiness'
Booking: Please call the Library on 4350 1570. Join the Facebook event.

Dates for the Diary

International Summer Festival • July 24th - August 8th • Manjushri Centre, UK
International Fall Festival • October 2nd - 8th • KMC France

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