The PaceSetter's New Features and Appearance
Aquaro Biosystems is excited to provide details of the PaceSetter™ section mounting system - launching in June!

The PaceSetter interfaces with existing motorized microtomes to make sectioning, floating, and mounting of sections hands-free. The PaceSetter improves laboratory productivity, ensures section consistency, reduces contamination, and enhances ergonomics. At last, the only post-embedding manual step in the histology lab is automated.

> See how the PaceSetter fits into your laboratory

> See the PaceSetter in action (video)

The NEW PaceSetter Section Mounting System: Updated Features and Appearance

The PaceSetter has undergone a number of user-friendly updates, including the method of removing sections from the blade, a touch screen control panel, and a section mounting sensor. These and other new features improve section quality, standardization, efficiency, and ergonomics in the histology laboratory.
Learn about the new features and how they enable microtomy.

The PaceSetter has a New Look: Touch Screen, Gentle Section Transfer, & More

Video: Water Knife

The PaceSetter uses a water pulse to gently remove sections from the blade onto a water stream where they are floated on warm water and mounted onto slides - all hands-free. This reduces section loss, improves efficiency, and reduces injuries at the microtome. 
Watch the gentle section removal from the blade.

New Video: Gentle Section Removal from the Blade with the PaceSetter

Intuitive Control Panel for Programming the PaceSetter

Beta testers requested a touch screen to easily create, edit, and save parameters for floating and mounting sections, including how they are arranged on the slides. 
See how we implemented user feedback on the new control panel.

User-Centered Control Panel: See How It Works

Enhance the PaceSetter: One Question Survey

We want to make the PaceSetter easy to integrate into your existing laboratory workflows, including reducing interaction with slides between sectioning and staining. By answering our one question survey, you can help make the PaceSetter easier to use in your laboratory. 
What H&E stainer(s) do you use in your laboratory?

New Video: Gentle Section Removal from the Blade with the PaceSetter

PaceSetter Section Mounting System: Request A Demo
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