Aquaro Biosystems: Streamlining Histology
Aquaro Biosystems provides solutions that streamline the histology laboratory workflow. The PaceSetter™ section mounting system transfers sections from the microtome to slides, improving laboratory productivity, ensuring section consistency, reducing contamination, and enhancing ergonomics. At last, the only manual step in the histology lab is automated.
March 10 is Histotechnology Professionals Day. We wanted to use this day to say
by recognizing the many important roles that histotechs play in healthcare.

Below are conversations with histotechs across various industries, including two new interviews with Bonnie Whitaker, Anatomic Pathology Operations Director at the Department of Pathology at The Ohio State University – Wexner Medical Center, and Clif Chapman, Technical Specialist at StrataDx.

  Bonnie Whitaker: Being an Anatomic Pathology Operations Director and the Future of IHC  

"I’ve been in the laboratory now for 40 years and I’ve never seen anyone get laid off due to automation. Automation allows you to do things your lab couldn’t do in the past."

> Read more about Bonnie's role and the future of IHC

Clif Chapman: Automation and Quality Control in the Histology Laboratory

"Histology is a technique used to make a diagnosis. We want to do anything that we can to automate that and take it out of the hands of the humans."

> Read more of Clif's thoughts on automation and quality control

Joelle Weaver: Process Improvements Future Standardization Histology

"There is a large push for standardization. There will be more validation, documentation and standardization of processes that have been very flexible in the past."
> Read more from Joelle on standardization, quality, and the art vs science of histology 

Rene Buesa: The Field of Histology, the Future of Histology, and Tips for Lab Managers

"Our direct and real clients are the pathologists. We need to answer to their needs and make sure that we produce the best slide possible to allow them to make the best diagnosis they can with their knowledge and experience."
> Read more from René Buesa on managing a histology lab, the art vs science of histology, and the future of the field

Leslie Hackert on Laboratory Safety and Clinical vs Veterinary Histology

"In histology, there’s always something new to learn. You can’t be complacent. New innovations and new ways of doing things are being developed all the time."

> Read more about Leslie's perspective on safety in histology and how digital pathology is used in veterinary histology

Kathy Hardy on Microtome Blades and Superstition in the Laboratory

"It’s hard not to fall in love with histology. I love to troubleshoot. I love to do things with my hands. If something doesn’t work, I want to know why and like being able to fix it."

> Read more from Kathy on the differences between research and clinical labs and selling microtome blades


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