Standardizing histology: automation, microtomes, IHC
Standardizing Histology: Motorized vs Manual Microtomes,  Automation, IHC for Companion Diagnostics
Aquaro Biosystems provides solutions that improve workflow efficiency and section quality and consistency in the histology laboratory.

PaceSetter™ section mounting system transfers sections directly from the microtome to slides. At last, the only manual step in the histology lab is automated.
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Will Automation Replace Your Job? No!

Today's vacancy rate in histology labs is over 10%, or 2800 histotech positions, with a retirement rate of almost 17% in the next five years. Automation won't replace histotechs, but allow them to apply their skills to more complicated tasks, rather than repetitive ones. Read more, and let us know what you think.

Will Automation Replace Your Job? No!


Manual to Motorized Microtomes: How to Decide to Make the Switch

Some histotechs prefer manual microtomes, despite motorized microtomes being safer, faster, and providing more consistent sections. If you are thinking of switching from a manual to motorized microtome, read on to help you decide, and let us know if you agree.

Why Should You Switch from Manual to Motorized Microtomes?


Standardization of Specimen Preparation for IHC

Standardization in fixation, microtomy, and staining in the histology lab is necessary to make IHC a standard diagnostic tool for personalized medicine. Learn more, and leave a comment with your thoughts.

Standardization of Specimen Preparation for IHC

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Watch a video of the PaceSetter
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