The Monks of Sera Je

The Sera Je Food Fund
Offering over Three Million Meals to Thousands of Monks Every Year
Dear Friend,
For 22 years FPMT has had the incredible opportunity and privilege of offering food to all the monks of Sera Je Monastery in India.
The Sera Je Food Fund offers three nutritious meals every day to over 2,500 monks. That is 3,029,500 meals each year, 8,300 every day and over 37,379,600 meals since the fund began.
For nearly six centuries Sera Je Monastery has remained one of the most important learning institutions preserving the pure unbroken lineage of Buddha’s teachings. By offering to the Sera Je Food Fund, not only are you making offerings to Sangha, who live in pure morality and the three higher trainings, but you are also contributing directly to the preservation of the Mahayana tradition by providing sustenance to practitioners studying and actualizing the path to enlightenment.
Extensive dedications are made by the Sangha of Sera Je Monastery for those who contribute to the fund. 
The great yogi Milarepa said: “The practitioner and benefactor offering food create the cause to achieve enlightenment together.
You can participate by offering:  
US$10 - provides three vegetarian meals a day to one monk for one month
US$120 - provides three vegetarian meals a day to one monk for one year
US$780 - provides three vegetarian meals a day to all 2,500 monks for one day
US$5,460 - provides three vegetarian meals a day to all 2,500 monks for one week

If you would like to offer ongoing support, you can also set up a monthly donation.

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“The merit of making offerings to the Sangha at Sera Je Monastery with the motivation of bodhichitta is unimaginable; this is the way to generate the most profit – vast like the sky. This will become the cause to eliminate all the defilements, to actualize all the realizations, to have omniscient mind and full enlightenment and then to bring numberless sentient being to full enlightenment.”           – Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Sera Je Food Fund: Sharing the Merit VideoPlease enjoy this beautiful new video of the monks dedicating their practice and a glimpse of life in Sera Je Monastery. 
On behalf of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, FPMT and the 2,500 monks of Sera Je Monastery - thank you for your support.
Holly Ansett
Charitable Projects Coordinator
FPMT International Office
1632 SE 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97214, USA
For more information on the Sera Je Food Fund including the latest news, photos, videos and much more please visit:
The Sera Je Food Fund is a project of FPMT Inc. All donations made to the fund are tax-deductible within the United States in accordance with IRS Code article 501(C)(3) to the extent allowed by law.

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