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Weekly update for March 9 - 15, 2009.

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  The Daily Post

Randy Claramunt 100.jpgRandy Claramunt is a Michigan Department of Natural Resources research biologist.  

He is interested in the design and implementation of fisheries surveys and experiments especially pertaining to recruitment dynamics of fishes in large freshwater ecosystems. His current work includes statistical analyses of survey data; statistical-catch-at-age modeling for lake trout, lake whitefish, and Chinook salmon; and cooperative multi-agency assessment of predator-prey interactions in Lake Michigan.

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The Weekly Editorial

This week, Brenna cites a poem that helps us all to remember what we're fighting for and to not allow cynicism to bog us down.  She writes,brenna_big.jpg

"There is value in accumulating experience and "know-how" in the world of grassroots organizing.  But retaining a little bit of the innocence we started out with at the beginning of our fight ensures that we are still fighting for the right reasons; it helps with sustaining our energy and focus; it helps with feeling a sense of compassion alongside our sense of urgency."

  March's Monthly Feature: Great Lakes Spotlight

Each month we premier one of three added features of the Great Lakes Town Hall.  These three consist of Opinion Polls, 5 Questions and the Great Lakes Spotlight.

This month, Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation will be featured in the Great Lakes Spotlight.  The non-profit organization, based in central Michigan, is known for its community-based grassroots efforts to prevent the establishment of a Nestle water bottling plant in their community.

Read about the organization, post questions and comments regarding their work all during the month of March!

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