June 2017
Protecting a Lagoon Connecting Reefs Creating Large Reefscapes Paris Agreement Response

Photo by CORAL Staff
Protecting a Lagoon and its People

Recently, the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock in Honduras pass Ministerial Decree 108-2017 providing new protections for Laguna de Los Micos and the surrounding communities. Learn how this Decree can help save the nearby coral reefs.


Photo by DivePlanet.com
Connecting Reefs to Protect Baby Corals

Some species of coral reproduce by ejecting large quantities of eggs and sperm into their surrounding water. Once fertilized, the coral larvae start a dangerous journey through the ocean's currents, hoping to land in an area that’s suitable for them to reproduce. Learn how connecting networks of healthy reefs can provide more options for baby corals to land, grow and reproduce.


Sample Adaptive Reefscape, Mesoamerican Reef
Creating Large Reefscapes to Save Corals

Though corals have existed for over 400 million years, regular coverage about global bleaching events reminds us that these delicate ecosystems are in crisis due to climate change. Part four of our series on Adaptive Reefscapes highlights why creating large reefscapes can help corals adapt to their changing climate.


Photo by XL Catlin Seaview Survey
Trump's Exit from Paris Agreement Gives Me Hope

Read our Executive Director's, Dr. Michael Webster, hopeful response to President Trump's decision to remove the United States from the Paris Agreement on his Huffington Post blog.

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