February 2017
Climate Change Winners | Meet Antonella Valentine's Day Corals Amazon Reef Size Matters

Roatan Marine Park, Photo by CORAL Staff
Picking the Winners of Climate Change

The facts are clear, our world is getting warmer, which leads many of us to ask a chilling question: how can coral reefs be saved? A new study led by CORAL's Dr. Michael Webster and Dr. Madhavi Colton, in Trends in Ecology and Evolution describes one possible answer: the natural process of adaptation. Learn how corals can adapt.


Dr. Antonella Rivera, Program Manager
Meet Antonella: Biologist, Diver and Fantasy-Geek

Recently, we welcomed Dr. Antonella Rivera to the Coral Reef Alliance family. A native Honduran, Antonella will lead our efforts to work with local communities to protect their reef. Learn more about Antonella, her interests and the exciting work she's doing for CORAL!


Happy Valentine's Day from CORAL
Share the Love of Corals Today!

This Valentine's Day share bouquets of coral reefs with your valentine! CORAL has created a special image for you to share on your Valentine's Facebook wall, tweet them to the one you love or share on Instagram. Don't forget to tag @coral and have a Happy Valentine's Day! #savecoralreefs


Photo by Greenpeace
Amazon Reef: New Reef System

Last year, a new reef system was discovered at the mouth of the Amazon River. Newly shared images from Greenpeace provide a glimpse of this huge reef that runs from French Guyana to the Brazilian state of Maranhao, roughly 3,600 square mile system of corals, sponges and rhodoliths.


Photo by Cody Clements, Georgia Tech
Size Matters for Marine Protected Areas 

A new study by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that small community-based marine protected areas may be especially vulnerable to attack by crown-of-thorns sea stars (Acanthaster species) which can devastate coral reefs. Read more about their research findings.

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