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March 2014 Check Out Our New Website! / Sweet! Another Sweetlips Wins Photo Contest / Honduras Protects a Valuable Reef and Bay / More Teeth for Sharks / We're Opening Our House to You

The new, your destination for information about our work and coral reef conservation, is here!
Check Out Our New Website!

We are excited to launch the new and improved! Our website is one of our most important tools for us to connect with you—we hope this refresh will help us do that even better. The new architecture and design make it easier for you to learn about coral—and CORAL—and to see the impact of your investments in new sections like our blog. We hope you enjoy it.

Email us at to let us know your favorite part of the new site and what you'd like to see more of as we continue to develop new content. Visit the New Site

A spotted sweetlips (Plectorhincus chaetodonoides) mugs for the camera in this month's contest-winning photo; photo by Julia Mason
Sweet! Another Sweetlips Wins Photo Contest

This month's fantastic winning photo comes to us from first-time entrant Julia Mason of Alamo, California. Julia captured this charismatic spotted sweetlips (Plectorhincus chaetodonoides), also known as a harlequin sweetlips, while diving through Palau's Virgin Blue Hole, a cavernous reef structure just west of Ngemelis Island. The curious sweetlips is flanked by several smaller fish: a pair of bluestreak cleaner wrasses (Labroides dimidiatus), a black chromis (Chromis xanthura), and a pair of dark-fin chromis (Chromis atripes).

You can download Julia's photo as a high-resolution wallpaper image and enter your best coral reef photo in our next contest. Download Julia's Winning Shot Enter the Contest

CORAL is thrilled to announce that the Honduran government has designated Tela Bay as a Site of Wildlife Importance; photo by Ian Drysdale/Healthy Reefs Initiative
Honduras Protects a Valuable Reef and Bay

Tela Bay, Honduras, is now protected as a Site of Wildlife Importance. CORAL, the Healthy Reefs Initiative, and Amatela, a Tela-based organization, surveyed this important area, one of the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean with an unusual density of long-spined sea urchins and a large stand of endangered elkhorn corals. We then presented the Honorable David Zacaro, Mayor of Tela, with the data and he was compelled to issue a municipal decree protecting the area in 2012. This January, the National Institute of Forest Conservation and Development, Protected Areas and Wildlife, gave federal protection to Tela Bay by designating it as a Site of Wildlife Importance, in recognition of its ecological significance. Capiro Banks, located within the bay, has almost four times more live coral cover than most other reefs in the Caribbean; over 800 endangered elkhorn corals are found in this new federally protected area as well. Read Our Press Release Here

CORAL and our partners met in February to develop strategies for enforcing last year's CITES decision; photo by Angelo Villagomez/Pew Environment Group
More Teeth for Sharks

Last March, at the 16th meeting of the Conference of the Parties in Bangkok, Thailand, the member countries in CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) voted to give five species of sharks and two species of manta rays greater protection. But how to ensure that their listings as Appendix II species—which still allow for “legal and sustainable” trade—are implemented effectively? In February, CORAL, The Pew Charitable Trusts, and the government of Fiji hosted a workshop in Fiji to discuss what needs to be done regionally in order for the new listings to really work. Over 60 participants and observers from 11 countries came up with a “to do” list and a strategy for enforcement. Read More On Our New Blog

We invite our supporters to meet members of our San Francisco staff and representatives from several local dive clubs on April 5; photo Nick Hobgood
We're Opening Our House To You

Come help us celebrate new victories in protecting reefs around the world on April 5. Divers, dive shop owners, CORAL supporters, and anyone with an interest in coral reefs are invited to attend our open house on Saturday, April 5, between 1:00 and 3:00 pm, at our San Francisco office. You’ll be treated to a presentation by Executive Director Dr. Michael Webster showing gorgeous images and short video clips from his travels to various reefs. He’ll discuss threats to reef health and what CORAL is doing to help. We’ll have light refreshments and fun activities for families and kids. Please RSVP to by March 31.

For those who can’t make it, we plan to post the video of the presentation online following the event, so keep a look out! RSVP Here

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