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AAI Student Sponsorship Newsletter

Adoption Advocates, International

October 2009

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Let's Win $50,000

AAI Student Sponsorship Programs is in America's Giving Challenge—Let's win $50,000! 

Our cause just entered in America's Giving Challenge, which gives us a chance to win $50,000! Please donate today:

To win, between now and November 7th we have to get the most donations to our cause (every person can donate once per day and have it count as a unique donation). We can also win daily awards of $1,000 and $500 if we can get the most people to donate in any 24-hour period. The great thing about this Challenge is that it doesn't matter how much you give, but instead how much you do to encourage friends and family to get involved in our cause. We all need to come together and start promoting the cause if we want to win. Each of us has tons of friends on Facebook who we can ask to donate to our cause. But let's think big too—can you put our cause in your email signature, can you throw a party and get people to donate through the cause when they enter, can you organize other people to go out and fund-raise from all of their friends? As you reach out to your friends be sure to tell them why this cause matters to you. The possibilities are endless so let's talk about what we can do to win on the Wall of the cause or by replying to this bulletin. I think we can do it! But it's going to take all of us.

Check out the Giving Challenge ( ), then visit our cause to see how we're doing so far and get involved. Donate right now by going to Let's win $50,000 for our cause!


OSP Holiday Project!

Wonderful Mandie Doak has once again volunteered to organize and keep track of the funding for our Orphan Student Project and Orphan Student Education Fund.  This year our goal is to raise a toal of $5600 for both programs.  Of that amount $4200 will be used to purchase gift certificates to a local department store for the children and their families of the OSP.  $1000 will go to the OSEF fund in Nazret to host a holiday party for the children their. The remaining $400 will help host a party for the children in the Mulkatore region.  

There are several ways to donate; the easiest way being to visit our website and click on our donate now button.  (Please make your you specify that your donation is for sponsorship).  However if you choose to donate via our Facebook page, each donation will be tallied and counted towards the America's Giving Challenge, mentioned above

Whichever way you choose to donate please, please, please make sure to notify Mandie of your contribution by emailing her at 

Let's pool together and help make the Holiday's special for these amazing children by donating generously!


Help Fix a Home                                   


Recently I received upsetting news that two separate students in our sponsorship program experienced damage to their homes due to fires. Both students already face hardships and to deal with the aftermath of such events can really make it hard to focus in school.

Helen Admasu is 16 years old and lives with her Uncle. Helen's birth father died when she was six and her mother could not afford to take care of her. Helen has been in our program for 3 years and has been making great strides in her education. Just recently, the home in which she resides was damaged by a nearby fire that destroyed the backside of the house. The rains have finally come in Ethiopia and so now the family has to deal with constant leaks in their home. Our social worker, along with the handyman from Layla House, went to assess the damages from the fire. The estimate to fix the house was assessed to be approximately 4355 birr, which equates to roughly $385.

During the same trip, our social worker also visited with Dagmawi Tesfaye. Dagmawi is also 16 and unlike Helen, does not have extended family to support and guide him. Dagmawi lives with a lady who out of the kindness of her heart, decided to help him persevere in his studies. He is fortunate to have someone like her in his life, as he struggles in his schooling. At 16 years old, Dagmawi finally completed his 3rd grade studies and has now been promoted to the 4th grade. His excitement did not last long over his achievement. A few weeks ago while he was sleeping, a candle that was lit during an all to familiar power outage, set fire to his make shift home. Luckily neighbors pulled Dagmawi out while he slept, but considerable damage was done to his home. He also lost the mattress on which he slept. The cost to fix Dagmawi's home is estimated to be around 2087 birr, which equates to roughly $185.

Please help Dagmawi and Helen's family get back on their feet. These children already deal with so much. Losing loved ones, dealing with poverty and having many times to face such hardships alone, I truly am amazed they find the strength to stay in school. Like so many of the children in the program, all they want is to get an education to secure the course of their future.
Please donate now by visiting our cause page...


AAI Sponsorship Coffee 

Having a hard time figuring out what to get family and friends for the holiday?  AAI is now selling a very yummy Ethiopian Blend coffee for only $10 a bag!  It makes a great stocking stuffer and all proceeds fund our sponsorship programs. 

To purchase please visit our benefit orphan store;

"No one has ever become poor by giving" - Anne Frank

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