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Hello Ruben

Welcome to our inaugural Fireclay Tile Update! Many of our best customers have been asking great questions and we thought sharing some of the many exciting things going on made sense. So, let's get to it...

Product Spotlight: Debris Series of Recycled Ceramic Tile

Wholefoods DebrisWe are so proud of our accomplishments with our Debris Series of Recycled Ceramic Tile. If you didn't already know, this product features over 52% locally sourced recycled materials and is manufactured in the U.S. just outside of San Jose, CA. Interest has increased dramatically,  and today you can find it in amazing places such as Whole Foods, numerous San Francisco libraries, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and commercial installations and houses all across the United States. Beyond the sustainable manufacturing and exceptional quality, we offer over 112 beautiful glaze colors in almost every shape and size, all without VOCs, off-gases or any other harmful materials.

The inspiration for this product came from our friends at Granite Rock who sought alternative uses for their waste granite dust. We decided to take it further and added in post-consumer recycled Bay Area waste glass supplied by Strategic Materials. In total, our Debris Series uses more post-consumer waste than any other tile on the market, and combined with our 24 year history of ceramic expertise it is a ceramic line unlike any other, ideal for commercial and residential applications for its high quality, stunning beauty, and uniqueness.

For a complete picture of everything we can do in our Debris Series, please check out the online catalog on our homepage. We offer our Debris in a full range of field tile (1x1 up to 12x12) and literally hundreds of ropes, moldings, trims, cuerda seca and other decorative tiles. Email us with questions:

Employee Corner: Mushtaque, aka The Glaze MasterMushtaque (aka Glaze Master).JPG

We love our employees and many deserve special recognition. Few people, except perhaps those who have studied the fine craft of ceramics, know just how challenging glaze development can be. Between the mixing, the drying, the spraying, the bisque, and the firing, it is no easy task to produce beautiful, consistent glazes. And when you're like Fireclay and have over 224 glazes offered between our Debris and Vitrail lines as well as hundreds of custom glazes we've done over the years, few are more important to a company than a glaze master!

Mushtaque came to the United States in 1986, and while he originally thought he was going to interview at an electronics company, he stumbled into Fireclay and asked Paul for a job. Fast forward 24 years later and Mushtaque has become a glaze master unlike any other. Showing up for work every day in his lab coat, Mushtaque works wonders using only the finest grit and glaze ingredients. Mushtaque ensures we do everything right when it comes to glazes - no lead, no off-gases, only the best. The colors he produces are rich and vibrant, and with time he can produce almost anything. While Mushtaque constantly tries to improve our glaze consistency, even he admits that our color variation is what makes Fireclay Tile most unique.

Infrastructure Upgrade: New systems and Website :)

Fireclay Website.jpgYou, our customers are the center of our universe, and we go to the greatest lengths to ensure your satisfaction. We've recently made some significant infrastructure upgrades that we feel will further enable us to best serve you. In the last few months we have been able to completely upgrade our phone system, radically improve our Fireclay website, and totally overhaul our internal sales and operating system using

What's great about our business is every day we deal with other business owners - dealers, designers, architects, contractors, and homeowners - facing our same challenges. As a company, we have learned a lot in making these improvements, and if anyone is interested in hearing what has worked well for us or what has not, please email - he would love to start a conversation. There's nothing like improving the way we can all operate.

We owe a huge thank you to many of the folks who helped us out. We would be happy to make referrals, or please feel free to contact them yourself. Implementation: ClosedWon CRM - Mark and Tim are incredible!

Website Development: We love our new website and hope you've had a chance to check it out. Our special thanks goes to Rebecca at LittleRed - she a genius. And she just had a baby! Congratulations!

Packet8 Phones: Emery Lesco knows phones better than anyone. Email and he can make an introduction. We saved LOTS of money switching from AT&T and our new phone system is incredible.

PRIZEWe love trivia, so here's a quick one, and the winner will receive two FREE sets (3 each) of our most beautiful cuerda seca tiles in 6x6 and 4x4 to be used as trivets, coasters, decoratives, or just tiles - featured on right ($30 value). We've been offering these in our factory showroom and they've been a big hit.

Trivia Question: Where does the name "fireclay" come from? Best answer as judged by Paul, our founder and chief ceramicist, wins. Submit entries by August 18, 2009 by emailing

That's all. Thanks for your interest. If you want to forward this message to a friend, we would be honored.

  Contents, News, and Random Fun Facts

Product Spotlight: Debris Series

 Employee Corner: Mushtaque,aka The Glaze Master

New Systems and New Fireclay Website



Fireclay In The News

 "A mission revival rises among the palms" - San Jose Mercury News, August 7 2009


Fireclay's Debris and BottleStone featured in brand new CORA Project - July 2009


Paul Burns, Fireclay Founder and Chief Ceramicists interviewed by

Paul at Dwell


 Fireclay Debris and Claymonde on display at Dwell on Design '09 in LA - June 26-28, 2009


Fireclay Products

Debris Series - Recycled Ceramic Tile

Claymonde - Sheets of Color

Vitrail Series - Crackled, Straight-Edge Tile

Jellybean Recycled Glass and Rock Pebbles

BottleStone - 80% Recycled Glass Countertop (R&D Phase)


If you're in the Bay Area... 

...please enjoy 10% off our Boneyard. Known by Fireclay followers throughout the West Coast, our Boneyard features overstock, seconds, and other patio pavers. For a coupon please visit our Local Business Center on Google 
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