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Mariana Update and FUN Newsletter!

Inside This Issue...

  • How To Save Money On Gas...
  • Need More Time?  Learn To Read Faster...
  • Fun Facts and Laughs:   Pizza From Around The World,
         Where To Sell Homemade Crafts, And More...
  • Housing Starts are UP at the Overlook!
  • New homes looking good at Deer Meadow Ridge!
  • Real Estate Q&A:   What Do I Need To Know About Home
         Appraisals And Inspections?
  • Bunker, The Patriot
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Dear Friend...

Would you like to add extra hours to your day? I know, who wouldn't... we all have too much to read and not enough time to do it. You can add hours to your day by learning to speed read in today's Service For Life! ® Free consumer newsletter.

You'll also learn how to save money on gas (prices are rising!), plus funny jokes, a trivia challenge, and lots more.

To health, success and laughter in your life!


Nancy Baxter, REALTOR®

Today's Brain Teaser . . .
What animal can take off with more than 30 times a space shuttle's acceleration and jump 38 times higher than the length of their bodies?

  (answer below)
How To Save Money On Gas . . .
With the price of gas rising, you need to get the most out of every gallon. If you can't afford to buy a more fuel-efficient car, use these tips to be more gas savvy.

Shop for the best price. You can see current average gas prices in the U.S. and Canada at a site such as For your local area, type in your address at

Look for the right station. There's a price leader in your area. That may be a wholesale club or grocery store that wants to get you in their store to shop for other items. Buy in the morning before competitors have a chance to match each other's price increases. Avoid gas stations near major freeway exits and stations that have an auto repair shop on site, since they can be more expensive.

Modify your driving habits. Don't drive too slow or too fast (most cars are set to achieve optimal fuel economy around 55 mph) and use cruise control on the highway. Try to combine your driving trips. Don't carry excess weight in the trunk. Cut down on your air conditioning use.

Maintain your car. Fixing a car that's out of tune or has failed an emissions test can improve its gas mileage by 4 percent. Replacing a clogged air filter on an older car will improve fuel economy 2-6 percent.

Keep your tires inflated to the proper pressure for your car. You can improve your MPG by up to 3.3 percent. Check your owner's manual.

Get smart. Know that these are misconceptions:
  • Using premium gas improves fuel economy. Most cars don't need it; again, check your owner's manual.
  • It takes more fuel to start a car than it does to idle. Modern fuel-injected engines start efficiently. Idling can use a quarter to half gallon of fuel per hour.
  • "Gas saving" devices or additives will save you money. The Environmental Protection Agency says they may damage your engine.
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WOW!  We're "cookin' with gas" at Mariana Butte!

Life is good as the neighborhood "fills in" at Deer Meadow Ridge!                                       mt & golf viewDSC00436

DSC00450DSC00434 2
new building
Need More Time?  Learn To Read Faster . . .
You can add hours to your day by learning speed reading – and you don't have to take an expensive course to do it. Follow these steps, and practice, practice, practice.

Determine your current reading speed. Time how long it takes you to read a certain number of words on a page. Or do an internet search for a "reading speed test" that also tests your comprehension level. You'll need it to measure your progress.

Before you start reading, scan the material for headings, bullet points and sentences in bold. This will help you select the parts you want to focus on.

Change your reading habits.
  • Don't read "a-word-at-a-time" as you learned in school. Teach yourself to read groups of words and expand the number as you go along.
  • Don't move your lips as you read or say the words in your head (not easy habits to break). We talk at about 250-350 words/minute whereas an efficient scanner may increase the rate to between 400-500 words/minute. Plus, by not saying the words, you don't have to think about pronunciation.
  • Draw your hand or a card down the page as you read. Move it consistently and your eyes will follow the motion.
Build your vocabulary. You won't be slowed down by words you don't understand.

Don't try to read and multitask. Turn off the TV, find a quiet place and focus on learning this new skill.

Adjust your reading speed to suit your reading purpose. Speed reading is not suitable if you're reading a book for the beauty of the words, perusing a legal document or studying specific material for a test.
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overlook view 3
Early morning view to the west across the Rist Ditch to the Overlook at Mariana.

New Foundation at the Villas at the Overlook at Mariana! 

Click here for video


More new construction at the Overlook at Mariana!


New Estate Home completed at the Overlook at Mariana

DSC00444 2

Deer Meadow Ridge home available in late June!  Click here for video

DSC00446 3

Another new Deer Meadow Ridge building (sorry, both homes sold) scheduled for completion before August!

                                                                               Quiet evening fireside at Buckingham Lake.
Fun Facts and Laughs . . .

What's On Your Pizza? . . .
  • Americans eat 350 slices of pizza a second and the most popular topping is pepperoni.
  • Favorite toppings in India are pickled ginger, minced mutton and paneer cheese.
  • In Japan, Mayo Jaga (a combination of mayonnaise, potato and bacon), eel and squid are the favorites.
  • Green peas are tops in Brazilian pizza shops and Russians love red herring pizza.

Are You A Crafter? . . .

If you're looking for a place to sell your items, check out You'll find a community of people to share your talents with.

Have A Laugh – Words Of Wisdom . . .
  • If the grass is greener on the other side, you can bet the water bill is higher.
  • The Five Stages of Acquisition: Infatuation, Justification, Appropriation, Obsession & Resale.
  • Books have knowledge, knowledge is power, power corrupts, corruption is a crime, and crime doesn't pay... so keep reading and you'll go broke.

Unlike most real estate agents, I DON'T spend my time pestering people with phone calls or bothersome interruptions to find good clients. Instead, I dedicate 110% of my time and energies to providing such outstanding service, people naturally think of me when a friend or family member needs help buying or selling a home. THANKS for your referrals!

Brain Teaser Answer:
A flea!
Thanks For Thinking of Me!

Did you know I can help you or any of your friends or family save time and money when buying or selling a home? Thanks for keeping me in mind with your referrals...and spreading the word about my services.
Real Estate Q & A . . .
Q.  What information do I need to know about home appraisals and home inspections?

A.  In general, a home appraiser determines the value of a property and a home inspector determines the condition of a structure. While appraisals are primarily for lenders, they also ensure that buyers don't overpay for a property. Home inspections are for buyers.

A home appraisal includes details about:  the house, a description of the neighborhood and side-by-side comparisons of similar properties. It also contains an evaluation of the area's real estate market, notations of major problems with the property that will affect its value and an estimate of the expected time it will take to sell the property. You should have your lender order the appraisal, and you are entitled by law to get a copy of it.

A home inspection is an evaluation of:  a home's condition that may identify improper building practices or the need for major repairs, as well as fire, safety and health hazards. You should always include an inspection contingency in your purchase offer. The information will help you determine how much you're willing to pay for a home, what repairs will be necessary and whether or not you want to walk away from the deal.

If you have any questions, or need capable and trustworthy representation, please email me at

Bunker, the Patriot, wishes you all a great Memorial Day!


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