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  • Happy New Year from Bunker!!
  • Do You Make This Common Exercise Mistake?...
  • What You Should Know About Home Health Tests....
  • Fun Facts and Laughs: Quickly Fix Your Own Appliances,
    Links To More Fun Leisure Time, And More...
  • Mariana Butte Update:  Final Deer Meadow homes almost ready!  Pre-sales at Buckingham Shores moving forward!
  • Bunks Makes Exciting Business Expansion!
  • Real Estate Q&A: What Do Buyers Want When They're
    Looking For A House?...
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Dear Friend...

Chances are you’ve experienced an injury from sports or exercise – whether it was shin splints, pulled muscles, or strained hamstrings. You can learn how to prevent future injuries in this month’s Service For Life!® Free consumer newsletter.


Nancy Baxter, REALTOR®

Bunker Happy New Year

Bunks wishes you a Happy New Year!!!!!!
all the best in 2013.......


Today's Brain Teaser . . .
Brothers and sisters I have none. But this man’s father is my father’s son. Who is the man?

  (see answer below)
How To Prevent Sports
& Exercise Injuries
Millions of people experience a sports or exercise injury each year. Shin splints, pulled muscles, aching kneecaps, and strained hamstring muscles are common when you begin a new exercise program or put too much stress on your body.

Here are tips to avoid getting hurt when exercising or playing sports:
  • Have A Fitness Test: A visit to your doctor is important if you are starting a new exercise program. Your doctor may find an undiagnosed heart condition or other disease that will require workout modifications.

  • Know Your Body: It sounds basic, but many fail to make adjustments to account for known body weaknesses. For example, if you have knee problems you may want to try a stationary bike instead of a treadmill.

  • Wear Proper Attire: Wear proper shoes that fit and grip the ground to avoid slipping or tripping. Workout clothes that keep you warm but not hot are best to avoid getting overheated and passing out.

  • Act Your Age: When you get excited about a new workout or sport, you can do too much, too quickly and push yourself too long. Work with a trainer, and make sure you’re using the correct technique.

  • Feed Your Muscles And Hydrate Your Body: A high protein meal one hour before your workout will give you the fuel you need to keep going. Thirty minutes before you exercise, drink about 16 ounces of water. Drink more water during your workout to replace the fluids you’re losing.

  • Know The Injury Warning Signs: If you have any of the following for more than 48 hours, see a physician: joint pain (including swelling, redness and heat), reduced range of motion, or numbness, and tingling.

Business is GREAT!

Bunker and I are happy to remind our clients about our partnership with fellow REMAX Alliance Broker Associate, Connie Killian.  Now, OUR clients have the three of us working for YOU!  We are excited to announce a new internet searching program we make available to our buyers and sellers!  We are fortunate to be involved in the cutting edge of real estate internet marketing/information, updated every 20 minutes!......and we look forward to offering this technology to our clients!

Stay tuned............if you are anxious for more information about the service, please shoot me an email!

Connie and Nanc travel to Fox Acres in Red Feather Lakes.....(Bunker was safe and warm at Mariana Butte, working the sales office).

What You Should Know
About Home Health Tests
At-home health screening tests are becoming increasingly popular, because they are quick, confidential and can help you detect or monitor specific conditions. The most common tests are:
  • Diabetes Screening: Measures A1c levels and average blood glucose (sugar) levels.

  • Home Pregnancy: Gives women an early confirmation of pregnancy.

  • HIV: Allows you to determine if you have the antibodies to HIV-1 (Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Type 1) in your blood.

  • Thyroid hormone levels: Measures TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormones) in the blood to indicate an underactive or overactive thyroid.

  • Paternity: Uses DNA from the inside of your cheek. Accuracy is claimed to be greater than 99 percent to prove or disprove paternity.

  • Cholesterol: Evaluates total cholesterol and high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

  • Drug Use: Uses a urine, saliva, or hair sample to test for marijuana, cocaine amphetamines, and opiates.
What You Should Know To Buy And Use At-Home Tests:
  • Follow test instructions carefully; not doing so can affect results.

  • Buy a test that is FDA approved. To see if the test is approved, go to, enter “search IVD” in the box at the top right, click the search button, then choose “OTC - Over The Counter” database.

  • Pharmacies sell FDA-approved tests. Talk to the pharmacist when you buy one if you have any questions about how to properly use the test.

  • Be cautious of buying the tests online. While there are some reputable sellers, there are many that are not. Ask the seller if the product is FDA-approved (it may not be if it’s made outside the U.S.).

  • You may still need to see your doctor to discuss questions about a test or a test result.

Buckingham Shores hits market with a BANG!

DeerMeadow-Buckingham jan 29

Call or email NOW for more information.......You Tube video:  John plans to start "digging" in April.....this is a "one of a kind" site with sought after lifestyle to match!  Half of the lots are "spoken for"!!!!!!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Thank You! Thank You!
Thanks to all of my clients and friends who support my practice and graciously referred me to your friends and neighbors! Rather than pester people with unwanted calls and visits, I build my business based on the positive comments and referrals from people just like you. I couldn't do it without you!
Fun Facts and Laughs
Save Money With These Quick Appliance Fixes . . .

Appliance repair experts say that up to 25 percent of repair calls have simple solutions. Try these fixes before calling the appliance repair service.

Refrigerator is not cold. If you can’t get the refrigerator cold enough by lowering the setting, try looking under it. You probably have dirty condenser coils. Unplug the fridge, remove the grill and vacuum the coils to remove dirt and dust.

Dishwasher is not running. The float switch inside the dishwasher tells it when enough water has entered and when to begin washing. See if the switch is jammed in the up position from objects like forks.

Weak vacuum suction. If cleaning the filters and bags doesn’t help, check the hose for an obstruction. Drop a coin in one end and if it doesn’t come out, try to dislodge the debris with a broomstick.

Links To Have More Fun During Leisure Time . . .

Music: You can find links to more than 2,500 radio stations.

Horseback riding: Find guest ranches, riding clinics and even cattle drives.

Beverage recipes: Even non-alcoholic ones like chocolate drinks, fruit punches, lemonades and more.

Travel: Make planning trips with friends and family fun and easy using to build an itinerary and track expenses.

Have A Laugh — “Three Companies Are After Me” . . .

Bob walks into his boss’s office. “Sir, I’ll be straight with you, I know the economy isn’t great, but I have over three companies after me, and I would like to respectfully ask for a raise.”

After a few minutes of haggling the boss finally agrees to a 5 percent raise, and Bob happily gets up to leave. “By the way,” asks the boss as he is getting up, “Which three companies are after you?” Bob responds, “The electric company, the water company, and the phone company.”


5223 Deer Meadow Court - $520,000
front jan 27

5223 Deer Meadow Court will be ready for new owner in March!  At $520,000, views and lifestyle cannot be beaten!!!  Call me right away, or you'll miss out!!  Wonderful, upgraded finishes to be installed!!!!  5206 Deer Meadow is getting for more information.......

lr3 jan 27
Brain Teaser Answer:
The man is my son!
Thanks For Thinking of Me!

Did you know I can help you or any of your friends or family save time and money when buying or selling a home? Thanks for keeping me in mind with your referrals...and spreading the word about my services.
Real Estate Q & A . . .
Q.  What do buyers really want when looking for a house?

A.  Here are ways to tap into what every buyer wants:
  • Every buyer wants a place to call “home”. The decision to buy is emotional, not 100% logical. Buyers look at a “house,” but they’re really evaluating it for its potential to become their home. Properly staging your house allows buyers to have an emotional experience – seeing their family living there.

  • Every buyer wants a bargain. Subtly influence buyers by using such phrases as “priced to sell” or “a unique bargain at this price.”

  • Every buyer wants to claim special discounts. You can motivate a sale by creating a sense of urgency. Consider using special terms that expire on a fixed date.

Do you have a real estate question you want answered? Feel free to call me at 970-231-7700 or email me by clicking here. Perhaps I'll feature your question in my next issue!
Sunrise over Buckingham Lake, January 30, 2013:

sunrise jan 2013
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