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  • Pet Danger! 7 Common Household Pet Poisons To Avoid...
  • Weather is HOT and so is the Construction!
  • Try These 3 Great Conversation Starters...
  • Fun Facts and Laughs: Newspaper Headline Goofs,
    The Safe Way To Get Rid Of Ants, And More...
  • Real Estate Q&A: How Do I Handle Multiple Offers On My Home?
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Are you afraid your pet is going to eat some dangerous substance that smells or looks interesting? In today's Service For Life!® Free consumer newsletter you'll learn about seven common household pet poisons to avoid. 

You'll also learn how to start a great conversation, get a tip for banishing ants without chemicals, plus funny jokes, and Mariana Butte update!


Nancy Baxter, REALTOR®

PS.  When you notice people talking about real estate in the next few weeks, can you tell them about the free consumer information I provide?

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Today's Brain Teaser . . .
A man is trapped in a room with two doors. Opening the first door he finds a room made from magnifying glass that instantly fries his skin. Behind the second door is a fire-breathing dragon. How can the man escape?

  (see answer below)
Pet Danger! Avoid These Household Pet Poisons
A home can be a dangerous place for your pets. Because they're so curious, they will often test any substance that smells good or just looks interesting. Many substances can cause illness or even death. Here are seven common household pet poisons to avoid:

Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol and other medications, can damage your dog's liver. It also can be fatal to a cat.

Chocolate can cause a dog or cat to experience seizures. The darker chocolate, like baker's chocolate, is more dangerous because it has higher levels of methylxanthine. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning can be vomiting, diarrhea, or irregular heart rhythms.

Unbaked yeast dough can be lethal. It can expand in the stomach of your pet. When the pet rolls around, the dough can twist the stomach and cut off blood supply. Alcohol produced by the yeast also can lead to respiratory failure or seizures.

Prescription medicines left on the counter or dropped on the floor are easy for your pet to find and ingest. Cardiac drugs, antidepressants, and ADHD medications are particularly dangerous to pets.

Xylitolis found in chewing gum, toothpaste and breath mints as a sugar-free sweetener. When dogs ingest the substance, it can drop blood sugar levels or lead to liver failure.

Coins that contain zinc can cause anemia or even failure of the liver, kidney or heart. One zinc penny (1983 or newer) can kill a small dog.

Ethylene glycol used in antifreeze and other car products can be fatal. The sweet taste attracts both dogs and cats. As little as a teaspoon can result in kidney failure.
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foundation 2
bunks framing 2

Bunks and John check out framing at Morgan residence at Overlook at Mariana!

3 Great Conversation Starters
Communicating well can make a huge difference in your life, both professionally and socially. Learn how to start conversations with these tips:

1.  Ask an open-ended question.  Be curious about people and ask them questions that prompt them to respond in a genuine (not automatic) way. For example, ask "Tell me about your day," instead of the common inquiry, "How are you?" Common questions often get automated answers and leave little room to expand the conversation further.

2.  Stay current on the news.  Before going to a meeting or party where you may need to talk to people you don't know, take a few minutes to look at the news. There's always good material there – serious and funny. Try to stay away from political or controversial topics.

3.  Reword their answer as a new question.  A good conversationalist listens carefully. Acknowledge the other person while also keeping the conversation rolling by asking them to clarify or expand on the information they just shared. This lets them know you are listening and establishes rapport.
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New sales at Deer Meadow Ridge!

site june 2012

Lots 13 & 14 to start this week!  Lots 1 & 2 should be ready to go in September!

Don't miss out!  Last chance!  Only lots 13 and 1 are still available!  Make your selections and move in by next spring!

DSC01240 2   
New retaining wall, preparing for next building!

Do You Have A Real Estate Or Home- Ownership Question You Want Answered?
Maybe you want to know how much your home is worth. Or maybe you just need a recommendation for a handyman, carpet cleaner or plumber...

Either way, I love hearing from all of my good friends and clients. And I'm always looking to answer pressing questions you might have about anything relating to real estate or home-ownership. If you have a question, tip or idea, please feel free to email me by clicking here, or call me at: 970-231-7700. I'm here to help!
Fun Facts and Laughs
Newspaper Headline Goofs . . .
  • Something Went Wrong In Jet Crash, Expert Says
  • Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead
  • Astronaut Takes Blame For Gas In Spacecraft
  • Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge
  • Legislators Tax Brains To Cut Deficit
  • Man Shot Twice In Head, Gets Mad
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Battling Ants? Feed Them Cornmeal . . .

Try this poison-free method of getting rid of ants.

Place uncooked cornmeal or Cream of Wheat on the ant pile. The ants will eat it because it tastes good. Their bellies will expand and it will kill them. You're saving a call to the exterminator and using a safer method.

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bunker and lot 007 2
Lazin' on a summer afternoon.......

5 Things Most Don't Know About Cars . . .
  1. Windshield wipers were invented by a woman. Mary Anderson patented the invention in 1905.
  2. Ferrari sells about 6,400 cars a year.
  3. Drivers kill more deer than hunters.
  4. The first auto race was in 1895 when Frank Duryea won over 2 other gasoline-powered cars and 2 electric.
  5. Car radios were invented in 1929 by Paul Galvin, who also coined the name Motorola.
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Have A Laugh — "The Art Thief " . . .

In Paris, an art thief almost got away with stealing several paintings from the Louvre. He had carefully planned the crime, managed to get in and out past the security guards and then was captured a few blocks away when his van ran out of gas.

He was asked how he could make such an obvious error. He answered, "I had no Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh."

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Deer Meadow Ridge flag at half-staff, honoring the victims of Aurora, Colorado tragedy.  Heartbreaking.......

Brain Teaser Answer:
Wait until after sunset and take the first door!
Thanks For Thinking of Me!

Did you know I can help you or any of your friends or family save time and money when buying or selling a home? Thanks for keeping me in mind with your referrals...and spreading the word about my services.
Real Estate Q & A . . .
Q.  If I get multiple offers on my house, how do I decide which offer to accept?

A.  Multiple offers are a good thing. Still you can make a mistake if you don't look at more than just the sales price being offered. Carefully weigh each buyer's offer by considering these factors:

Is the buyer pre-approved? Never take your home off the market without knowing that the buyer is able to purchase your home.

When do they want possession? When the buyer's timing fits your preferences, it can make their offer more appealing.

What repairs does the buyer expect before closing? Even if you are willing to make repairs, think about the time it will take before you accept.

What items does the buyer expect to remain in the house? Buyers may request to keep appliances or wall-mounted televisions. Factor the cost of replacing these in your next home into the offer before accepting.

If you have any other real estate questions, or need capable and trustworthy representation, please call me at 970-231-7700 or email me at
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Sundown at Mariana Butte......

lake sunset 2

mountain sunset 2

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