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  • Improve Your Posture Now To Prevent Pain Later...
  • Is The Microphilanthropy Trend For You?...
  • Nanc & Bunker move to RE/MAX Alliance!
  • Bunker gets some help on the job!
  • Real Estate Q&A: What Are Some Remodeling Trends For 2011?
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Dear Friend...

Chances are you've been slouching over a computer or slumping on the couch when you watch television. You can learn how to prevent years of aches and pains as you get older or help ease the pain you might already have in today's Service For Life! ® Free consumer newsletter.

You'll also get some tips on microphilanthropy,check in on Bunker's life. Enjoy your issue, and please feel free to call me whenever a friend, family member or neighbor needs a caring, competent real estate professional to help with buying or selling.

To health, success and laughter in your life!

Nancy Baxter

Nancy Baxter, REALTOR®


Today's Brain Teaser . . .
Which of these items is the most harmful if swallowed?

a) Leaves of a poinsettia plant, b) Visine, or c) bleach.

  (answer below)
How To Improve Your Posture And Prevent Pain Later . . .
There's something you can do right now to look better and prevent years of backaches, headaches and other painful symptoms as you get older: Pay attention to your posture. To combat years of poor habits, including slouching in front of computers and TVs, here's what you should do:

Learn about correct posture. Your Mom was right, but there's more to it than just standing up straight. It means maintaining your spine's natural curves. You have to train your body to stand, walk, sit and lie in positions where the least strain in placed on supporting muscles and ligaments.

Take the wall test. Stand with your head, shoulder blades and buttocks touching a wall with your heels 2-4 inches away from it. Slide your hand behind the curve in your lower back. You'll feel about one hand's thickness of space between your back and the wall. If there's too much space, tighten your abdominal muscles. If there's too little space, arch your back. Walk away from the wall and maintain this posture.

Keep your body in alignment when sitting. Rest both feet flat on the floor while keeping your knees level with your hips. Sit with your back against the chair, using a cushion if you need support. Stretch your head toward the ceiling and tuck your chin in slightly. Keep your upper back and neck straight and shoulders relaxed (not rounded or pulled backward).

Exercise to strengthen your core. Start with easy stretches and exercises (check out Work up to taking classes in Pilates, yoga and strength training. If you already have back or other physical problems, talk to your doctor before you start a program, and work with a physical therapist or personal trainer.

Keep your bones strong. Maintain a healthy diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. To prevent osteoporosis (thinning of the bones), do weight bearing exercises such as walking, jogging and climbing stairs. Strong bones and good muscle support will help you make correct posture a habit.
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Thinking Of Selling Your Home Soon?
Don't attempt to sell your home without my Free consumer guide, "44 Money-making Tips For Preparing Your Home To Sell." My exclusive report will give you all the facts for a fast, top dollar sale. To get a copy simply email me by clicking here, or call me at: 970-231-7700
Is Microphilanthropy For You? . . .
Charitable giving comes in many forms, but the latest trend is toward microphilanthropy, which involves direct interaction between individual donors and projects. This giving is popular because donors can give small amounts that make a big difference and choose where their money goes.

Some examples include, which funds specific project requests from teachers in U.S. public schools;, a marketplace that connects donors to 1,000 pre-screened grassroots charity projects around the world;, which assists families who are unable to pay their monthly bills; and, which is peer-to-peer micro-lending to the applicant of the donor's choice.

You can check out these organizations, get tips on setting your philanthropic goals for 2011 and research more than 5,500 other charities by visiting, an independent charity evaluator.
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DSC02310.JPGBunks approves of the move to RE/MAX Alliance 
Great things for Bunks and Nancy's clients!
ReMax Alliance W Ball Straight.jpg
Bill and Kathy Gobin like the view from Lot 14!  (Bunker talked them into a reservation!)
Copy of DSC02292.JPG
5255view.jpgViews are fab at Deer Meadow Ridge.  5255 Deer Meadow Court (Longs Peak plan) will be ready mid-May!  Don't miss out!
The Overlook at Mariana has some "wild west"  lots available, with custom homes by Custom On-Site, Inc.DSC01718.JPG
Mariana-402.jpgNanc and Bunks are offering this fabulous patio home at Mariana Butte (John built it)........give us a call for more info!
 CapeDory-477.jpg This home is on Lake Boedecker!  Main floor master, 3-car garage.....great family home at Mariana!
With business so "hot", Bunks is happy to have the extra help!Copy of DSC02271.JPG
Brain Teaser Answer:
b) Visine. The eye drops contain tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, which if ingested can cause serious consequences, including coma. If some is swallowed (particularly by a child), get immediate medical help or contact a poison control center.

Thanks For Thinking of Me!

Did you know I can help you or any of your friends or family save time and money when buying or selling a home? Thanks for keeping me in mind with your referrals...and spreading the word about my services.
Always looking forward to another great day at Mariana Butte!
Real Estate Q & A . . .

Q.  What are some remodeling trends for 2011?

A.  According to a poll of builders and developers for CBS Moneywatch by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, the overall trend is to take on small projects while you wait to do the really big ones. Here are some specific trends to watch for if you're remodeling or selling soon:

Updating bathrooms. It's cheaper than doing a kitchen but you need to keep a close eye on your budget.

Warming up the house with earth tones and metallic features, such as aged bronze or distressed hardware.

Opening up rooms. More people are taking down interior walls and opening up spaces in older homes.

Going green. The focus is on energy-efficient upgrades.

Paying in cash. Instead of taking out a loan, people are picking and choosing what they can do with the cash they have.

Hiring good contractors. Asking questions and being more diligent about choosing quality contractors is on the rise.

Spending time outside. The trend is to fix up outdoor spaces with a deck and landscaping.

If you have any questions, or need capable and trustworthy representation, please email me at
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