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October 2010
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The Tiger Woods Case Study  

 The Benefits of Divorce Solutions for an Employee Assistance Program


tiger_woodsDivorce greatly impacts businesses. Not only are the employees experiencing the divorce affected, but so is the corporation, co-workers and managers, making the impact to businesses much greater than people realize.   
 On November 28th 2009, Tiger Woods was involved in an early morning collision with a fire hydrant. The hydrant not only stopped Tiger’s automobile, but it also crashed his marriage. News of his extra marital affair had hit the news, and by December of that year, media had begun to speculate that wife Elin Nordegren would file for divorce. By August 23rd, 2010, the divorce was final. While the impact personally to Tiger would be enormous, there would be an even larger impact to the corporation that Tiger Woods is associated with - the PGA. When divorce affects employees, it affects more than just the person going through the divorce. Let’s use Tiger Woods as an example and see what the measurable impacts might be to Tiger’s business interests.  ⇒
 While the impact personally to Tiger Woods would be enormous, there would be an even larger impact to the corporation that Tiger Woods is associated with - the PGA. 
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C4C-logo (2)Couples and Money - Earn More, Argue Less 


 FFFighting about money is one of the most common reasons for divorce in North America. Many couples face an overwhelming task when creating and managing the household income. These couples find themselves frustrated when it comes to combining their financial styles, and, as a result, both their net worth, and relationship suffers.

So how do you prevent money stress from eroding your relationship? Here are five common situations that we see in our Financial Planning practice, and some suggestions for overcoming the difficulties.⇒⇒       ..R






career_planning_cycleColleen's Career Corner

Network to Succeed


With the advent of internet marketing, job sites and company and recruiter websites many people are under the impression that the best way to find a new position is to get on-line and start hunting.  However most people are surprised to learn that 80% of job seekers land their new position through someone they know or someone they meet.  It’s all about networking







 SUPER SHOPPERIf you love a great deal there is a plethora of great bargains and warehouse sales in the Greater Toronto Area. Shop for the best buys in the GTA - warehouse sales, factory outlet stores, discount outlets and special sales. 

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