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June Real Estate Statistics for the Valley of the Sun:
Phoenix Metro Infographic - 2017-06 2

For Buyers:
More buyers have turned to new homes so far this year.  Overall year-to-date new home sales are up 26% compared to last year as builders continue to add much needed supply to the marketplace.  All price ranges over $225K have seen large increases in year-to-date sales, with builders focusing heavily on adding inventory between $275K and $500K.  While the median price for new homes is significantly higher than MLS resales ($311K vs. $242K), by the square foot they’re actually quite competitive when compared by price range across a broad territory.  Example, for new single family homes sold in Maricopa County between $225K and $250K, the annual average sales price per square foot* is $122, compare that to $132 for MLS resales and $133 for renovated homes sold by flip investors. This pattern repeats itself the higher you go in price.  It does not ring true for buyers looking to live in a specific area however, when compared by zip code new homes typically are more expensive than their neighbors. 

For Sellers:
The continued lack of supply in the market means that existing homeowners are seeing increased solicitations to sell their home outside of the local MLS.  Normal, non-distressed sales that were sold non-MLS (often called “For Sale By Owner” or “FSBOs”) have risen nearly 13% year-to-date compared to last year.  However, based on the annual average sales price per square foot, these non-MLS sales have sold for nearly 15% less than their MLS competitors.  While the gap may vary, this trend holds true across all price points and cities with MLS competition.

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Dear Lyn...

Struggling with seasonal allergies? You don’t necessarily have to go to the doctor’s office for a cure if a natural remedy suits your needs. In today’s Service For Life! ® Free consumer newsletter, you’ll learn about some at-home ways to curb allergy symptoms.

You’ll also learn how to get student loan debt under control, strategies for painting like a pro– plus fun facts, a trivia challenge, and lots more.
Lyn Trayte
Lyn Trayte, REALTOR®
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P.S. When you notice people talking about real estate in the next few weeks, can you tell them about the free consumer information I provide?

They may be people getting married soon and looking to buy their first home, and you can tell them about my Free Consumer Report: “Top 10 First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes To Avoid.” You’ll be helping them start marriage off by avoiding costly mistakes when buying and financing their home. To request a copy for a friend, simply call me at 602-739-0095. Or,
Today's Brain Teaser . . .

What do these words have in common: polish, job, herb?

(see answer below)
Using Natural Remedies To Cure Allergies

Does spring fever make you sneeze and the family dog make your eyes water? You're not alone: The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America estimates as many as 30% of adults and 40% of children suffer from allergies. To curb the effects, though, consider reaching for one of these natural remedies if your doctor gives his okay.
  1. Butterbur - This root extract is often used to treat coughs, asthma, hay fever, headaches, and stomach ulcers. Though considered safe, the plant itself contains cancer-causing substances, so it's important to make sure the specific brand you use has had those substances removed.
  2. Neti Pot - Neti Pots are used to prevent and treat upper respiratory conditions, but make sure the water you use is distilled and as sterile as possible. Tap water contains chemicals that might actually make sinus conditions worse.
  3. Raw honey - Eating a tablespoon of local, raw honey every day is supposed to help the body build a tolerance to the regional pollen and allergens in the air.
  4. Quercetin - Naturally found in wine, onions, green tea, and citrus fruit, quercetin is a cell stabilizer, blocking the release of histamine, which causes inflammation. Some sources suggest this is a long-term remedy, and people who suffer from seasonal allergies should take quercetin in the weeks leading up to spring.
  5. Steam - Taking a hot shower or inhaling steam can help clear mucus and keep nasal passages from drying out.
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Save Thousands When Buying A Home...

Did you know there's a free consumer report revealing ways to save time and money when buying a home? It's called "8 Secrets For Saving Thousands When Finding and Buying Your Next Home," and it's great even if you're not planning to buy soon. Get your free copy by calling me at...602-739-0095 Or,
Beat Those Student Loans!

Even if they're financially savvy, a lot of Americans continue to carry student loan debt with them for years after they've graduated from college. Use these strategies to shake off that heavy financial burden:
  • Make it a priority. Yes, you have a lot of bills to pay, but focus on paying off student loans so you can turn your attention to saving for retirement.
  • Create a repayment plan that works. Make sure the date your student loan payment is due works with your monthly budget, and consolidate your loans so you only need to make one monthly payment.
  • Focus on variable private loans. The interest rates on these loans can quickly change, so pay as much toward them as possible while also putting at least a minimum monthly contribution toward fixed-rate federal loans.
  • Sign up for auto-deductions. If you opt for auto-deductions, you won't accidentally miss a payment date. Plus, all government and some private lenders charge a slightly lower interest rate if you pay this way.
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Would You Like To Know How Much Your Neighbor's Home Listed Or Sold For?

Maybe you're just curious. Or maybe you want to know how much your home is worth. Either way, I can help. . . with no "sales pitches" or run-arounds. Call me at 602-739-0095 and I'll give you all the facts.
Fun Facts and Laughs

Paint Like A Pro. . .

Whether you're inspired to splash a new hue across a room's walls or they're just due for a fresh coat of the same ol' color, make sure you DIY with these tips in mind.

Choose your paint wisely. It's important to choose indoor paint for indoor paint jobs. Water-based paint is easy to use and clean up, while oil-based paint is more appropriate for specialty jobs. Check with an expert at the paint store to choose the right type of paint for your situation.

Prep like a pro. This may take more time than the actual painting itself, but take your time here to avoid mistakes. Prep work includes:
  • Laying down drop cloths.
  • Cleaning off dirty areas.
  • Filling in holes in the walls with spackle.
  • Sanding any uneven surfaces.
  • Priming the walls, if needed.
  • Taping off non-paint zones like outlets and molding.
Do detail work. Use a thin brush to paint around window and door frames, baseboards, and trim.

Use a roller brush. Roll the full height of the wall and keep a wet edge. Start near a corner, and move over slightly with each stroke of paint. Don't let the roller become dry, and paint so the open side of the roller frame faces the area that is already painted.

Let it dry. Once your entire paint job is dry, make sure everything is evenly coated. Add a second coat as needed. Wait at least 24 hours before removing the tape between the painted walls and unpainted places. Use a sharp utility knife or box cutter to slice the tape; do not just pull it off.

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Travel On The Cheap. . .

Looking for ways to travel the world without breaking the bank? Here are a few ideas:
  • Become a house/pet sitter. and both list hundreds of opportunities.
  • Volunteering or making an arrangement of working for lodging can help cut costs. Some volunteer programs have fees associated with them, but check out and for possible options.
  • Instead of staying in a hotel, pitch a tent! Check for free and cheap places to camp.
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Websites To Help Identify Plants . . .

What's that pretty flower? These sites will help you find out:   Forward to a friend  |    Share on Facebook

Meditation 101. . .
  1. Sit or lie comfortably.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Breath naturally, and focus attention on the breath. Clear your thoughts.
  4. Bring attention back to the breath if your mind wanders.
  5. Start with two or three minutes, and work up to 10 or 15 minutes.
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Are You My Client Of The Month?

Every month I choose a very special Client Of The Month. It's my way of acknowledging good friends and saying "thanks" to those who support me and my business with referrals, word of mouth and repeat business.

Thank you to my daughter in law, Laura Trayte, who referred her twin sister, Lynn & her husband to me to purchase investment property here in Arizona. We found a fantastic condo for them which should be a wonderful asset to their portfolio.

You might be my next Client Of The Month too! Watch for your name here in an upcoming month.
Trivia Challenge for the Month...
"Who Else Wants To Win Two Free Movie Tickets?"

Guess who won last month's Trivia Question? I'm pleased to announce the lucky winner of last month's quiz. And the winner is, drum roll please: Wayne & Alma Bacon was the first person to correctly answer my quiz question.

What U.S. Marine Corps policy, recently released with new regulations, is 32 pages long?
a) Tattoo
b) Marriage
c) Personal leave
d) Physical fitness
The answer is a) Tattoo. Let's move on to this month's trivia question.

Which animal in the list below hibernates the longest?
a) Free-living wood frog
b) Black bear
c) Lungfish
d) Common poorwill
And You Could Be One Of My Next Winners! Call Me At 602-739-0095 OR
Brain Teaser Answer:

All three words are pronounced differently when the first letter is capitalized.
Real Estate Q & A . . .

Q. How can I build wealth with real estate rental properties?
A.   Before purchasing rental property, consider the following factors to make a good investment:
  • Find moderately priced properties, so you can generate more cash flow than higher priced properties. Your tenant's rent should cover the mortgage, utilities, and additional expenses in order to produce a cash flow.
  • Get the full cost of owning and repairing the home. Have a property inspection before you purchase the property to identify any potential repairs. Also, get written quotes from contractors for repairs you'll need to make before renting out the home.
  • Carefully select your tenants. Each time a renter leaves, you have to prep it for another tenant by paying for repairs, possible upgrades, and other costs such as advertising, credit and background checks, plus taking time to show the unit. Long-term tenants are better for your investment, so choose wisely and treat them well!
To learn more, call me to request my Free Consumer Report called "How to Avoid 8 Dumb Mistakes Even Smart Investors Make."

Do you have a real estate question you want answered? Feel free to call me at 602-739-0095 or email me. Perhaps I'll feature it in my next issue!
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