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Dear Lyn...

Almost everyone could benefit from saving money daily, and as a bonus, it feels good! In today’s Service For Life! ® Free consumer newsletter, you’ll receive several simple tips on how to keep a few extra dollars in your pocket.

You’ll also learn what to do in four common medical emergencies, the ins and outs of smart home technology, and a handy checklist for landscaping– plus fun facts, a trivia challenge, and lots more.
Lyn Trayte
Lyn Trayte, REALTOR®
Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Real Estate

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Today's Brain Teaser . . .

Using only addition, how can you add eight 8's and get the number 1,000?

(see answer below)
Saving Money Is Easier Than You Think It Is

Just about everyone could do with saving a few pennies for a rainy day, but sometimes cutting back on financial expenses can be tough. Here are several easy ways to save money that you may not have considered:
  1. Carpool to work. Sharing a ride with neighbors or colleagues is not only good for the environment, but it's easy on the wallet as well. Ride-sharing even one day a week has been shown to save carpoolers 10%–20% of commuting costs. Bonus tip: If carpooling doesn't work with your schedule, look into taking public transportation instead of driving. You'll save money on gas, car maintenance, and parking.
  2. Make a meal plan. Dining out takes a huge bite out of many family budgets because most people don't plan ahead. Every weekend, draw up a meal plan for the week ahead and shop for the needed ingredients. The excuse that "there's nothing to eat" won't be an option when dinner time rolls around. Bonus tip: Take a detailed list to the grocery store so you won't be tempted to buy items on an impulse.
  3. Maintain your vehicle. Schedule oil changes and appropriate tune-ups when recommended. These have a financial cost upfront, but simple, ongoing maintenance work is far less expensive than major repairs that might be required if these are overlooked. Bonus tip: Learn how to change the oil in your car and perform basic maintenance yourself to avoid paying shop fees. Or, find a friend or neighbor who has these skills and make an exchange. An oil change for a week's worth of dog walking only requires time!
  4. Read e-books. Instead of buying new hard-copy editions, purchase digital books, which can be significantly less expensive. Bonus tip: Can't give up the good ol' ink-and-paper book? You can still save money by shopping at used bookstores or purchasing used books online. Alternatively, hold a book-swapping party with friends and you'll all walk away with new-to-you books at no cost.
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Warning Before You Sell Your Home...

Don't put your home on the market without my Free Consumer Guide titled, "How To Avoid 7 Costly Mistakes When Selling Your Home." My exclusive report will give you all the facts for a fast, top dollar sale. Just call 602-739-0095 anytime, 24 hours, and I'll rush a copy out to you for free.
Act Fast In 4 Medical Emergencies

By their very nature, emergencies happen at the most unexpected times. Knowing what to do in advance of these situations will keep confusion and chaos at bay, and may very well save a life.

Asthma attack: Mitigate panic for attack victims by displaying a calming presence. Encourage them to sit down, and loosen their clothing if it's too tight. Ask if there is a rescue inhaler on hand, and offer to get it if it's not readily available. Encourage relaxation with slow, deep breathing or meditation. If the attack worsens, help victims get to an emergency room.

Stroke: Use the F.A.S.T. test if you believe someone is having a stroke. Check the FACE to see if the mouth is drooping. ASK if they can lift their arms. Listen to see if their SPEECH is slurred. If you witness these symptoms, call 911 because TIME is of the essence. While waiting for the ambulance, do not offer food, drink, or medicine.

Choking: It is important to know that, if someone is coughing, they are still breathing and not choking. However, if they cannot speak, cough, or breathe, employ the Heimlich Maneuver. Different conditions call for different versions of the Heimlich Maneuver, which are detailed at Once the stuck object is dislodged, the choking victim should check in with a physician to assess for bruising or damage to the airway.

Heart attack: If someone has chest pain, assume it is a heart attack. Call 911 right away. Check the victim's airway, breathing, and circulation (ABC). If the person is unconscious, not responsive, and there is no pulse or you are not sure, assume "heart attack" and begin CPR. If you do not know CPR, doctors recommend performing just chest compressions without the rescue breaths. The 911 dispatcher can walk you through the procedure over the phone. You can also take an online CPR course to help you feel prepared, just in case: (search for "Online CPR").

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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Thanks to all of my clients and friends who support my practice and graciously referred me to your friends and neighbors. Rather than pester people with unwanted calls and visits, I build my business based on the positive comments and referrals from people just like you. I couldn't do it without you!

I was thrilled when Chris & Melanie Dennis, clients who had rented a home through me a couple of years ago are finally able to purchase their first home in Glendale. Congratulations...I know you will be so happy making this home your own and thank you for again trusting me for help.
Fun Facts and Laughs

Smart Home Devices

You may have heard of smart home devices, but do you know what they are? Here's the lowdown on today's hottest tech trend.

What is a smart home device? These are technologically advanced tools that anticipate your needs and desires, promising to make life around the house less stressful. This smart technology allows you to automate your home and monitor it from afar. Need to pre-heat the oven before you leave work? Want to start the coffee pot before rolling out of bed? Done and done.

How do they work? Smart products have wi-fi capabilities and are controlled through smartphone apps. With your smartphone in hand, you can control your home's thermostat, oven, security system, and more.

What about safety? Relying on a simple voice command or a touch of a button to do many things definitely has security risks. To lessen the chance of being hacked, buy from established companies like Amazon or Google. And strengthen your wi-fi security and password (ask your internet provider for tips about how to do this).

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Landscape Maintenance Checklist. . .

In the spring:
  • Remove leaves, sticks, and debris that collected throughout winter.
  • Prepare garden beds for the season.
  • Do a maintenance check on drainage systems and outdoor lighting.
In the summer:
  • Raise mower height to at least three inches.
  • Mulch flower beds as soil dries out.
  • Apply fertilizer to lawn mid-summer, if necessary.
In the fall:
  • Mulch around perennials and plants that need extra insulation.
  • Winterize sprinkler system by draining and turn off watering timer.
  • Clean up all leaf and plant debris from yard and garden.
In the winter:
  • Cut grass until temperature drops below 50 degrees F.
  • Use winter snow fences or burlap to protect plants from wind and salt.
  • Lubricate hand gardening tools to prevent rust.
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Compare Airfares on these Websites . . .

Find the best prices regardless of where and when you want to travel. – Find itineraries with the best combo of price, duration of trip, number of stops, and more. – Search by month or season to figure out where you can get the most bang for your travel buck. – Offers an airfare calendar graph showing average prices, which is helpful for flexible travelers.

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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire. . .

A study by the researchers at Brock University in Ontario, Canada, found that parents are bad at telling when their kids are fibbing. Parents were able to discern lying in their kids 10% of the time, while complete strangers could pick out the lies 40% of the time.

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FREE Consumer Help Is Just A Phone Call Away!

Learn valuable secrets for saving thousands and avoiding costly mistakes when buying, selling or refinancing a home. Best of all, it's FREE. Ask about my "Insider's Free Resources" by calling me at: 602-739-0095.
Trivia Challenge for the Month...
"Who Else Wants To Win Two Free Movie Tickets?"

Guess who won last month's Trivia Question? I'm pleased to announce the lucky winner of last month's quiz. And the winner is, drum roll please: Linda Byerly-Dennis was the first person to correctly answer my quiz question.

Remember "Gone With The Wind?" Who was Scarlett O'Hara's second husband?
a) Rhett Butler
b) Charles Hamilton
c) Frank Kennedy
d) Ashley Wilkes
The answer is c) Frank Kennedy. Charles Hamilton was her first husband, and Rhett Butler was her third. Let's move on to this month's trivia question.

What US Marine Corps policy, recently released with new regulations, is 32 pages long?
a) Tattoo
b) Marriage
c) Personal leave
d) Physical fitness
And You Could Be One Of My Next Winners! Call Me At 602-739-0095 OR
Brain Teaser Answer:

888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 1,000
Real Estate Q & A . . .

Q.  What do buyers really want when looking for a house?
A.   Here are ways to tap into what every buyer wants:
  • Every buyer wants a place to call "home." The decision to buy is emotional, not 100% logical. Buyers look at a "house," but they're really evaluating it for its potential to become their home. Properly staging your house allows buyers to have an emotional experience – seeing their family living there.
  • Every buyer wants a bargain. Subtly influence buyers by using such phrases as "priced to sell" or "a unique bargain at this price."
  • Every buyer wants to claim special discounts. You can motivate a sale by creating a sense of urgency. Consider using special terms that expire on a fixed date.
Want to learn more secrets about how to sell your home fast and for the most money? Call and ask for my Free Consumer Report called "6 Steps For Selling Your Home For TOP DOLLAR." I'll send a copy right over to you.

Do you have a real estate question you want answered? Feel free to call me at 602-739-0095 or email me. Perhaps I'll feature it in my next issue!
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