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  • 4 Tips To Go Green And Save Money...
  • Positive Thinking Can Make You Healthier...
  • Fun Facts and Laughs: 2 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Word, Websites For Comparison Shopping, And More...
  • Trivia Challenge: Win Two Free Movie Tickets
  • Real Estate Q&A: How Can I Ensure My Home Sells The Second Time On The Market?
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Dear Lyn...

Many people make it a priority in today’s world to be environmentally friendly, and in some cases you can help your pocketbook and the planet at the same time. In today’s Service For Life!® Free consumer newsletter, you’ll learn how much you can save by implementing these green tips.

You’ll also learn two alternatives to Microsoft Word, how the power of positive thinking can make you healthier, how to de-skunk a dog – plus fun facts, a trivia challenge, and lots more.

Lyn Trayte

Lyn Trayte, REALTOR®
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4 Ways To Save Green By Being Green
These tips have dual benefits – helping the Earth and your pocketbook at the same time. Here are some things you can do right now and how much they can save you:

Carpooling: The average commute to work in the U.S. is 25 minutes, and up to 20 miles each way. Combined with the savings on the costs of maintaining your vehicle when you’re driving to work every day, you can cut your current gas costs in half if you share the ride. Check sites like or to help you plan a carpool (see the Rideshare forum under Community.)

Energy Audit: Most households spend around $1,300 annually on energy bills. You can save up to 30% on these costs by making your home more efficient, and many of those upgrades are inexpensive and easy to do – replacing your thermostat with a programmable one, sealing cracks with caulk, and sealing around windows can make a big difference. Conduct a home energy audit yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you (search for “Home Energy Audit.”) You may even be eligible for a tax credit (check

Water Heaters: The Department of Energy says the average water heating bill is $400 to $600. Turning down the water heater and washing clothes in cold water can save you 6%. A tankless water heater can save up to 30% annually.

Re-use (everything): Check before you buy supplies for that one-time project. It’s free to join, and people give away everything from tools and building supplies to appliances they no longer need. You might also want to rent power tools if you won’t use them regularly (search or for “Tool Rental.”)
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Thinking Positively Can Make You Healthier
How you approach life can affect your health, according to several studies by medical professionals. Positive people tend to have fewer health problems and live longer lives than pessimists. The good news is if you’re not typically the bubbly type, you can learn an optimist’s skills to help improve your health and how you feel.

How to do it:
  1. First, determine the things that make you feel the happiest. It might be spending time with positive friends or favorite family members, walking the dog, or watching a funny TV show. Helping others tends to help you feel better too.

  2. Next, schedule one of those things in every day’s agenda. Make it a necessary part of your day.

  3. Focus on positive thoughts. When a negative thought arises, pause and find a way to spin it to the positive. Even if you don’t believe it at first, just thinking it or saying it aloud can affect your outlook. For example, change “No one wants to talk to me” to “I’ll find a way to talk to others at least once today.”

  4. Make being healthier a priority. Exercise boosts your mood and has been proven to reduce stress, which can increase negativity in your life. A healthy diet makes your body and mind feel better, making it easier to be positive.

  5. Avoid negative people. Nothing sidetracks a positive day like someone who always has something negative to say.
It won’t happen overnight, but after practicing positivity for a few weeks you’re sure to have a better outlook.
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FREE Consumer Help Is Just A Phone Call Away!
Learn valuable secrets for saving thousands and avoiding costly mistakes when buying, selling or refinancing a home. Best of all, it’s FREE. Ask about my “Insider’s Free Resources” by calling me at: 602-739-0095.
Fun Facts and Laughs

2 Free Word Processing Programs . . .

Microsoft Office at one point was really the only option for word processing software, but these days, you have free options with powerful capabilities that allow you to share your files with just about anyone. Here are two of the best:
  1. OpenOffice Writer (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux): Download completely free at
    Pro: Opens Word documents and simple to install.
    Con: Dated interface and sometimes slow.

  2. Google Docs: This web-based set of programs through Google Drive is accessible from anywhere. You’ll have to set up a Google account first. Learn more here:
    Pro: Great sharing features with real-time editing among groups.
    Con: Tied to Google servers, the company controls your files.
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How To De-Skunk A Dog . . .

Skunks hang out almost everywhere people do, so there’s a chance your dog may someday have a run-in with the smelly animal. Don’t douse him in tomato juice – try this recipe instead:
  • - 2 cups hydrogen peroxide
  • - 1/8 cup baking soda
  • - Several drops of dish soap or dog shampoo.
Wear gloves, and rub the mixture throughout your dog’s fur. Rinse out within a few minutes or the peroxide will lighten fur.

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Websites For Comparison Shopping . . . – Google has the most traffic and often the most results. You can save items to a list if you have a Google account. The ability to search by images or shipping options makes this one of the easiest sites to use. – You can often find the lowest prices here in an easy-to-view format. Shipping is calculated when you enter your zip code. (Also look for Pricegrabber apps for both Android and Apple devices). – Click “Shop” for specific items or “Deals” to find deals across the web. Prices and savings are easy to see with the uncluttered page format.

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Have A Laugh – This Side Up. . .

The factory foreman was inspecting a shipment of lightbulbs ready to leave the plant, and smiled and nodded at his new packer.

“I see you did just what I asked and stamped each box with THIS SIDE UP, HANDLE WITH CARE.”

“Yes, sir,” the worker replied. “And just to make sure it arrives safely I stamped it on the bottom too.”

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Are You My Client Of The Month?
Every month I choose a very special Client Of The Month. It’s my way of acknowledging good friends and saying “thanks” to those who support me and my business with referrals, word of mouth and repeat business.

I am so excited to have received a referral through my Women's Council of REALTORS connections, Michelle DeReus, Idaho State Chapter President. Thank you Michelle and thank you to WCR!!!

You might be my next Client Of The Month too! Watch for your name here in an upcoming month.
Trivia Challenge for the Month...
“Who Else Wants To Win Two Free Movie Tickets?”
Guess who won last month's Trivia Question? I'm pleased to announce the lucky winner of last month's quiz. And the winner is, drum roll please: Jonathan Buckley was the first person to correctly answer my quiz question.

What country has the most official languages?

a) China
b) India
c) Zimbabwe
d) Singapore

The answer is c) Zimbabwe. The Guinness World Records organization recognized Zimbabwe as the country with the most official languages – 16. Let’s move on to this month’s trivia question.

What is the only state that can be typed on one row of a standard keyboard?

a) Iowa
b) New Hampshire
c) Louisiana
d) Alaska

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Brain Teaser Answer:
The letter “e”
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Real Estate Q & A . . .
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A.   After re-evaluating your home’s price and condition, you need to revisit your marketing plan.

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