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NO to Mining - YES to Life! This banner was proudly displayed by community members on the streets protesting, members of El Salvador's Legislative Assembly on the floor of Congress, and has decorated the many press releases made in the aftermath of El Salvador becoming the first country to ban the toxic, disruptive and polluting practice of metallic mining.  

Prevail Victorious!

Last week's national ban on mining in El Salvador is helping to set a precedent, enabling sustainable and environmentally conscious laws to be adopted. This historic ruling places citizens and their livelihood as a priority.

17457924_10155270304799301_6835888385946517989_nThis news is being celebrated internationally and we wanted to provide you with several documents that help educate beyond the surface level. Your contributions and support does not go unnoticed, and we are endlessly gracious. Our nearly four decades of solidarity work towards economic sustainability, justice and human and civil rights has made this victory possible. 

We are experiencing in real-time the interconnection of banning inhumane practices and instead granting more human rights. In the fall of 2016, we were overjoyed with the ruling when El Salvador Wins Dispute Over Denying a Mining Permit, and this spring has brought even more positive outlook with the national ban on metallic mining. Hopefully, sooner than later, we will see more legislative decisions in favor of water law and food sovereignty.

Read more with Archbishop José Luis Escobar's opinion for the need of constituional reform to make water and food an inalienable, human right. 


From The New York Times:
"The prospect of job creation and short-term returns has prompted several governments in Latin America to welcome mining companies and keep regulation to a minimum. In remote areas, unauthorized miners have sucked up natural resources without regard for the environmental and social damage they leave behind.
The surge in reckless mining operations has provoked anger and controversy throughout the region, and it was a driving force for a remarkable law passed Wednesday in El Salvador banning mining for gold and other metals in the tiny Central American nation." [Read full article:]

Interested in learning more?
Below is a preliminary list of media coverage for you. 
Sophia De Quattro
Development Coordinator

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